Tirtol by Poll: BJD’s sympathy card to yield benefit for party

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: The state planning board deputy Chairman and BJD leader Sanjaya Das Burma while election campaigning in Raghunathpur block had appealed people to cast votes in favor of BJD candidate Bijaya Shankar Das in Tirtol by poll , it will be treated as homages to late legislator Bishnu Das.
Burma’s appeal smells worth, as party’s election observer in Tirtol by poll he had toured the constituency extensively past two weeks, interacted with people at large and discovered that constituency people still not have crossed over late legislator Das memories yet, his sad demise has created a vacuum In Tirtol constituency, people still love Das and feeling his absence, Burma played an emotional card stressed vote to BJD means tribute to late Das and blessing to his candidate son.
Coinciding Burma’s appeal people at large and allegiance with BJD have ostensibly certain to cast vote to departed leader Das’s son Bijaya Shankar Das, many believe that casting vote to BJD candidate appears a great tribute to late Das. While many have opined that they are looking Bishnu Das ability in his son Bijaya Shankar Das’s face.
Late Das gets accolades that he had founded BJD in Jagatsinghpur district in the year 1997 when the then leaders as Dr Damodar Rout, Umesh Swain ex speaker late Yudhistira Das had conserved in Janata Dal [S].
These leaders had described BJD a non-secular party having its connection with BJP and expressed apprehension forming a regional party in Odisha taking leadership of an immature politician late Biju Patnaik son Naveen Patnaik a futile exercise. Dr Rout joined BJD in the year 2000, Umesh Swain switched over to Congress [now in BJD] and Yudhister Das maintained his differences with BJD until death.
Facing abundant odds late Bishnu Das had sailed BJD in Jagatsinghpur district In 1998 parliament polls BJD received set back, later in 1999 premature Lok Sabha elections BJD’s candidate Trilochan Kaunongo won the seat and BJD’s growth developed in Jagatsinghpur district and Bishnu Das occupied party’s district president post until 2019.
Causing few undisclosed reasons Bishnu Das shifted to Tirtol reserve assembly seat in 2019 elections and he won the seat defeating his BJP rival by huge margin of votes above 39,975. But his sad demise led the constituency going to by poll. BJD eying sympathy vote fielded his son Bijaya Shankar Das as party candidate. during campaigning process it had seen that BJD sympathy card will be yielded good results, party was working unitedly for Bijaya Shankara victory while party’s district president and MLA Prasanta Muduli has predicted Bijaya Shankara will cross over the poll in highest margin of votes than his departed father Bishnu Das who had won the Tirtol assembly seat in 2019 elections.


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