Tiger Shroff, superstar rapper Badshah take on cutoffs with swag

New Delhi,: Temperatures are on the rise across North and South Campus as the cutoffs for this year’s academic session are set to be declared.

With over 3 lacs registrations for 62,000 seats across 90 colleges in Delhi University alone, 18 year olds across the country experience a range of emotions as they wait for the cut offs to be announced.

Empathizing with the country’s youth are Bollywood’s favorite star of the new generation, Tiger Shroff, and superstar rapper Badshah. The duo joined beverage brand Pepsi® as they asked students to follow their passion and let their SWAG do the talking. Together they are urging college-goers to add a new word to the dictionary this admission season – SWAG and adopt a single, empowering philosophy – CUT OFF IS TEMPORARY AND SWAG IS PERMANENT.

Tiger Shroff said, “It doesn’t matter what one chooses to do, as long as you give it your 100%. I dropped out of college because I wanted to follow my passion for martial arts and acting. I knew that it was the one thing I was ready to give my 100% to. It took years of hard work to get to where I am today, but it seemed easy all through the way because I was doing what I loved.

I only have one message for all those college aspirants who are eagerly waiting for the cutoffs to be announced – believe in yourself and your passion, carry yourself with swag and success will follow. Don’t let a number write off your dreams!”

Sharing his memories, Badshah said, “I was an all-rounder at school and not many people know but I have worked as a civil engineer in the past. But throughout my life there was only one thing that gave me pure joy, and that was music. A lot of people questioned my choices when I wanted to pursue it as a career, but I knew that my passion combined with hard work would take me far. I’m glad I could prove that following your passion can take one places. It’s all about believing in yourself and carrying yourself with ‘swag’. To all the kids who await the cut offs, dream big, be your confident self, work hard and make your dreams come true.”

The two are a part of Pepsi®’s ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ campaign, which celebrates the confidence and self-belief of the Indian youth. Pepsi® has introduced a series of engaging new creatives across digital and on ground, which bring alive the ‘Cut Off Is Temporary And Swag Is Permanent’ philosophy and reinstate the brand’s proposition of ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’.