Sand Artist Manas Sahoo creates sand animation of Lord Ram, Shri Ram Temple before the Bhoomi Pujan Ceremony

Puri: To commemorate the “Foundation Laying Ceremony” or “Bhoomi Pujan” of Ayodhya’s Shri Ram Temple , Jagannath Dham Puri’s resident, Mr.Manas Kumar Sahoo, the International Sand Artist has animated a 3 min 10 secs video with Sand.

The long awaited dream of many devotees, about “The Shri Ram Temple” construction at Ayodhya, which is about to begin has inspired Mr.Manas to represent the excitement of the Lord’s devotees through his Sand Animation.

In his Sand Animation, Mr. Manas has minutely & beautifully displayed the excitement of the devotees from every nook & corner of India in collecting soil & water from different Holy Places for the ‘Shilanyas of The Temple’. Many expert Architects, Craftsmen and Workers have come together for the successful construction of the temple. Mr. Manas has also picturised them chanting the name of Lord Rama prior to beginning of the construction. Many divine essentials like Panch Ratna, Silver bilva leaves craved with the Lord’s name, etc have already been collected for the Puja.

Mr. Manas has picturised the whole event as a very divine moment for lots of devotees of India in his Sand Animation which took him nearly a day to complete.

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