Odisha: Former Satyabadi MLA Ramaranjan Baliarsingh quits BJD

Bhubaneswar: Former Satyabadi MLA Ramaranjan Baliarsingh on Thursday resigned from the primary membership of the BJD, accusing the party of neglecting him. Baliarsingh, who was an independent MLA from Satyabadi from 2004 to 2009, alleged that though the Chief Minister is a good man, he is not looking into party affairs, for which many leaders have left the BJD.

Besides, he also expressed displeasure over inclusion of sitting Satyabadi MLA Umakanta Samantray in the BJD.

Baliarsingh as a BJD candidate had lost to independent candidate Umakanta Samantray, in the 2014 polls by 1,500 votes.

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