Odisha Fire Service leads the clearing operation, water supply work aftermath of very severe cyclonic storm Fani

Bhubaneswar: Fire fighting and rescue is their forte. But personnel from Odisha Fire Service have done a commendable job by clearing the major roads and colonies inside and also distributing drinking water to colony and slum pockets following the aftermath of very severe cyclonic storm Fani, which has devastated the entire State Capital.

While the Fire Service teams carried out the tree cutting work at more than 65 places across the city, the tankers supplied 50 trips of water amounting to 9lakh litres till date. The service will continue till the city attains normalcy.

In Bhubaneswar city, over 500 Fire Service personnel have been deployed in 90 teams under the supervision of senior officers. They are cutting fallen trees and restoring road communication. Their act at many places is also helping in getting the power supply. Especially the Central Electricity Supply Utility (CESU) has been given 26 dedicated teams to assist the distcom in removal of fallen poles so that electricity supply can be restored.

For the first time, Odisha Fire Service has deployed 10 numbers of 18,000 liter water tankers for supply of drinking water to residents of colonies and slums which are facing acute water scarcity.

It has also taken up the responsibility of lighting of streets and important places like Baramunda Bus Terminal as thousands of people are flocking to the place to go to their villages and towns after the cyclone.

As per the information released by the government while 90 teams of Odisha Fire Service are deployed in the Capital, 77 are in Cuttack, 58 in Puri, 32 in Khurda, 5 in Jagatsinghpur and two in Balasore. More than Nearly 1200 Firemen under the charge of senior Fire Officers are rendering dedicated public service since 4th May as the “First Responders” to the disaster.

It can be mentioned here that the fire fighters were recently in news for their work during the floods in Kerala and in North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. The 20-member team from Odisha Fire Service went to East Jaintia Hills to rescue 13 trapped miners at a flood-affected coal mine during February last. During the Kerala floods in August last year, a 245 member team of Odisha Fire Service carried out rescue operations and rescued more than 5,000 people in Kerala.
“Dedicated service by Fire Service personnel in post-Fani scenario reflects their quality training and exemplary preparedness to combat any disaster,’’ said Director General of Police (Fire Services) and CG Home guards and Director Civil Defence Bijay Kumar Sharma.

Fireman Abinash Baral said “I am proud to be part of the dedicated team of Odisha Fire Service as we are helping the citizens during a massive disaster.’’

Another Fireman Rakesh Nayak added that the people are also very cooperative and helped the teams while the Fire Service teams executed their tasks.
Leading Fireman Manas Pradhan said “this disaster is like a national calamity. We are really fortunate towards rebuilding our city, state and society after the cyclonic aftermath.’’