Odias in North America sent memorandum to CM for timely establishment of well-integrated modern public library system in Odisha

New Delhi: The NROs in North Americas urge the CM Sri Naveen Patnaik to expedite the implementation of Odisha Public Library Rules for a “Well-integrated Modern Public Library System in Odisha”. The NROs believe the public library is the most democratic public institution that will promote Literacy including early childhood Literacy, Digital Literacy, Education, Health and wellness, Skill Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship, e-Governance, Civic engagement, e-Commerce, Social inclusion and Democratic values. In addition, the public libraries will support many aspects of the United Nation 2030(UN 2030) vision and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that are aimed at ending poverty in all its forms.

The OSA applauded the cabinet approval of “Odisha Public Library Rules by culture department” ( The Odisha Gazette dated 7th Sept 2016 ) and last year’s Panchayat Raj department circular ( No. 17 NREG-11-1165-18657/PR&DW Date: 28-09-2018 ) to BDOs for building edutainment centers-cum-libraries, but expressed concerns for the long historical delay in implementation of “Odisha Public Library Act-2001” that has been pending for many years that’s adversely affecting public interest and growth of the state towards a knowledge-based society.

It is being said that the public library system will not only create the ecosystem to transform Odisha towards a “Knowledge based society”, but also develop an “Internet based economy” to meet the growing demands of the 21st century, and make Odisha truly the leading state with higher “Human Development Index(HDI) – a measure of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicator used to rank states and countries”.

A detailed proposal and recommendations compiled by OSA Public Library Committee and advisors/panelists were sent with regards to establish and transform the public libraries to function as Community Centers, Edutainment Centers, Knowledge Centers, Skill Development Centers, Information Centers leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and best practices around the world.

The Odisha Society of Americas (OSA) is the largest Non-Resident Odia(NRO) organization in the world recently celebrated golden jubilee in Atlantic City, New Jersey with the presence of around 2000 Odias. A seminar was organized on “Establishing Well-Integrated Modern Public Library System in Odisha” during this convention with presence of key dignitaries like Dr Keshab Panda, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of L&T Technology Services, eminent educationist Prof. Dr Damodar Acharya, prof. Dr Lalu Mansingh, Prof. Dr Chitta Baral, Dr Ashutosh Dutta, Dr Basant Parida, Dr Annapurna Pandey, Dr Sukant Mohapatra, Prof. Dr Durga Mishra( chair seminars ), columnist Mrs Suvasri Das, Mrs Nalini Pattnaik, Sri Bishwajit Naik, entrepreneur (founder Shikhya), entrepreneur/ philanthropist Dr Sitikantha Das, Dr Ajay Mohanty(co-chair OPLI ), Nishikanta Sahoo( Chair, OPLI), OSA president Sri Lalatendu Mohanty, OSA president elect Mrs Kuku Das, OSA vice-president elect Dr Anil Patnaik. Sri Prasana Dash, founder/advisor Praful library had a video presentation on this seminar. The Berhampur public e-library management team led by Dr BNR Subudhi shared the feedback from the users of the e-library.

OSA has been pursuing with Govt of Odisha administration for a “Well-Integrated Modern Public Library System” in Odisha. It may be noted OSA had proposed and funded to establish Internet Enabled model public libraries in Berhampur; Baghada GP, Suliapada, Mayurbhanja; Kulida GP, Basta, Balasore through GA department, Govt of Odisha.

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