Odhisha Plays host to Festival of youth empowerment at the National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur

Berhampur : Under the umbrella of Indian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community ( IIEC), event witnessed participation of Engineering Youth from Odisha, Delhi, Jaipur and India
Problem of unemployment is plaguing India currently and youth is forced to leave their home cities to look for employment opportunities in metro cities . India is going to be home to the largest youth population by 2020 and for a youth-driven country, the empowerment of population is of primary importance. There are limitless possibilities for a nation with empowered youth and possibilities to educate them with the right knowledge, skills and training. To empower youth with digital education and make them self reliant Vimal Daga, Technology Mentor, Philanthropist, An Education Enthusiast and a Motivational Speaker is organising a day long youth event in Odisha. Event will see participation of ६०० students from Odhisha.

Odisha played host to Festival of youth empowerment at the National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur today. Making progress with the theme ” Can a computer have a vision like a human being” , the event unfolded launch of JAZBAA IN ODISHA which aims to encourage entrepreneurship and resolving social issues with digital technology. A day-long event was organized by the ace technocrat and software guru Mr. Vimal Daga, ace technocrat and software guru from Jaipur based community, INDIAN INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMMUNITY, (IIEC), Joining Mr. Daga in this endeavor was Ms. Anwesha Rath from NIST College and Faculties included Bhagabati prasad Pattnayak ( incubation head ), Preeti Daga, Shom Prasad Das, HOD of Computer Science and Engineering and over 600 enthusiastic students who participated from Odisha, Jaipur and Delhi.
This power-packed digital extravaganza touched the pinnacle of creativity, perseverance and hard work as large participation of youth were groomed to showcase their pathbreaking digital creations in the days to come that shall move towards a better lifestyle of people and empowerment of society. The matrimony of technology and social empowerment was witnessed in all its glory and grandeur during the day.
IIEC kicked off the initiative which works towards achieving its vision of “Making India, Future Ready” while inculcating entrepreneurial skills in students. Festival of empowerment aimed to train, guide and motivate youth, especially Engineering students who are below the average and response of society remains of disapproval towards them. Festival of empowerment,
Technology for social empowerment took center stage here as youth unleashed energy, knowledge, and creativity towards the growth of the country and pave way for societal change Organisers determined to bring about the digital revolution that works towards youth empowerment and opens an opportunity for self-employment and entrepreneurship too
What started on a high pitch by educator Mr. Vimal Daga and Preeti Daga, last month in Jaipur progressed further in Odisha and would take place in Chennai as well. The event had an exclusive session on presenting boulevard for entrepreneurial opportunities for the youth. The occasion served as a concourse to unleash the brilliance in technology and exchange ideas pertaining to entrepreneurship and startups. Gala occasion progressed with the ceremony felicitating youth and providing them with a platform to meet and greet with veterans from the world of digital technology.
The youth was immersed in an ideal environment for initiating their own startups after they dedicated technological creations towards societal betterment. Ambiance buzzed with excitement and happiness as the day progressed with series of live sessions, back to back presentations, networking with digital educators and veterans, meet and greet between young entrepreneurs and Students as they indulged in showcasing their technological presentations on vivid social issues. Students also had opportunities to Meet, Pitch and team up with Young Entrepreneurs
In addition to teaching technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Docker, Python and Redhat Linux event also worked towards resolving issues like Women safety, Kids suffering from Autism, Eliminating hunger and poverty, tackling inadequate education opportunities, improving agricultural yield, reducing traffic congestion from healthcare to environmental sustainability and many more pressing issues that pose serious challenges and concerns before our society today and they look unresolvable.
According to Mr. Vimal Daaga, founder IIEC, “ We had an insightful workshop today, as part of the program which felicitated youth for the commendable work they have done with the use of digital technology, they have paved way for social empowerment and motivated to initiate their entrepreneurial journey. To embellish their journey with guidance and motivation we had seasoned professionals, educators, and successful entrepreneurs. A common concourse was created that had the participation of students with their mentors. This was one of its kinds of events in Odisha that saw huge participation of potential youth from different parts of India. Innovation Starts here at JAZBAA, and we are working towards inculcating traits of entrepreneurship amongst the engineering students at the right time i.e. during their college days itself. Hence soon Indians will dream of being founders of companies and not looking only for jobs. This shall also take care of the problem of unemployment faced by the youth of the country

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