Notifications issued regarding Triple Deck to transport two wheelers, Safety Requirements for Road Trains and Norms regarding Electric power train vehicles

New Delhi : Ministry of Road Transport and Highways vide draft notification [GSR 885(E)] dated 27th December 2021, has proposed to allow rigid vehicles as well as trailers to have a maximum of three decks to transport two-wheelers, with the load body not projecting over the driver’s cabin. This will enhance the carriage capacity of two wheelers by 40-50%.

This has been done after examining the issue of static stability tests and dynamic stability  of the three deck vehicles.

Comments/suggestions have been invited from concerned stakeholders within a period of thirty days.


Safety Requirements for Road Trains :-

Rule 93 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), 1989 provides for the dimension of motor vehicles. It defines Road trains as motor vehicles with limiting dimensions of 25.25 mtrs (L), 2.6 mtrs (W) and 4.5 mtrs (H). The load taking capacity of road trains is limited at 55 Tonnes-these shall ply on selected stretches.

Considering the above Ministry, vide draft notification [GSR 886(E)] dated 27th December 2021 has proposed to amend CMVR 1989 by inserting a new rule 125K, regarding Safety Requirements viz., braking, power to weight ratio, lighting, maneuverability etc  for Road Trains. It has been proposed that, on and from the 1st day of March, 2022, the procedure for type approval and certification of Road Train, shall be in accordance with Automotive Industry Standard (AIS)-113, as amended from time to time, till the corresponding BIS specifications are notified under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 2016 (11 of 2016).

Comments/suggestions have been invited from concerned stakeholders within a period of thirty days.

Norms regarding Electric power train vehicles:-

Ministry, vide S.O. 5419(E) dated 27th December, 2021 has notified (a) Revision of Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 038 (Rev. 2) for M and N categories of vehicles   (passenger cars and commercial vehicles) (b)  issue of a new Standard AIS 156 for Electric Power Train and battery in respect of two & three wheelers and Quadricycles. This notification covers the aspect of battery safety, which is interlinked with the overall safety of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Many requirements are at system or vehicle level. This will further improve safety.  AIS 038 (Rev. 2) is in line with Global Technical Regulations.

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