Notable Personalities like Pratibha Satpathy, Subas Pani, Prashanta Nanda, Debasish Mohanty and many others to receive Odisha Living Legend Awards of 2017

7th Living Legend and Youth Inspiration Awards to be conferred on 23 December 2017

Veteran Journalist Vinod Dua to Deliver Living Legend Oration


Bhubaneswar: Living Legend has emerged as the highly prestigious civilian Award of the state of Odisha.

  1. The Award Function this year is dedicated to the Immortal Memory of Paika Bidroha
  2. Living Legend Oration focuses on disruptive leadership.
  3. Waves and Vibes will focus on opportunities for the youth.
  4. Annual Citation to honour excellent work in a given calendar year.


The 7th Living Legend Awards to be conferred on notable individuals on 23 December 2017. The Annual Living Legend and Youth Inspiration Awards selected great and inspiring individuals from different segments of Odisha society. The 2017 theme is dedicated to the immortal memory of   Paika Rebellion.

The event has three important segments like the Living Legend Oration, Waves & Vibes and the Awards Ceremony. The Living Legend Oration this year will focus on Disruptive Leadership. Waves and Vibes will have young minds discussing opportunities for the youth. The theme of the Waves and Vibes 2017 is “Opportunities for the Youth: Inclusion, Excellence and Transcending Boundaries”.

Odisha Living Legend Awardees of 2017 include Pratibha Satapathy in Literature, Prasanta Nanda in Film Industry, Subas Pani in Public Policy, Prof. Arnapurna Pandey in Education, Kartik Majhi in Social Service, Chatrubuj Meher in Art & Culture, Debasis Mohanty in Sports and Jogesh Pati in Science

Odisha Youth Inspiration Awardees of 2017  include Satyarth Nayak & Pabitra Mohan Dash in Literature, Ojas Mohapatra and Lopamudra Das in Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Sujeet Kumar in Public Policy, Vikram Nayak in Promoting Art & Culture, Punima Hembram in Sports, Jitendra Mishra and Sattwik Mohanty in Film Industry and Mohd Niyaz in Social Service


Category of Odisha Living Legend Awards for 2017:

  1. Odisha Living Legend Award (Literature) – Partibha Satapathy
  2. Odisha Living Legend Award (Social Service) – Kartik Majhi
  3. Odisha Living Legend Award (Education) – Arnapurna Pandey
  4. Odisha Living Legend Award (Promoting Art & Culture) –Chatrubuj Meher
  5. Odisha Living Legend Award (Sports) – Debasis Mohanty
  6. Odisha Living Legend Award (Film Industry)- Prasanta Nanda
  7. Odisha Living Legend Award (Public Policy)-Subas Pani


Category of Odisha Youth Inspiration Awards for 2017


  1. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Literature) – Satyarth Nayak & Pabitra Mohan Dash
  2. OdishaYouth Inspiration Award (Social Service) – SK Mohd Niyaz
  3. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Business Leadership n Entrepreneurship) –  Dr. Lopamudra Priyadarshini  , Ojas Mohapatra
  4. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Education) –
  5. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Promoting Art & Culture)- Vikram Nayak
  6. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Sports) – Punima Hembram, Dilip Mohanty
  7. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Film Industry)-Jitendra Mishra and Sattwik Mohanty
  8. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Public Policy) – Sujit Kumar


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