MCL spends over 21 crore for tree plantation in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Coming out massively to spread green cover, Coal India subsidiary Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has spent Rs 21.6 crore during the past two financial years for the tree plantation in the state of Odisha.
“MCL has contributed to the government of Odisha’s Corporate Financed Plantation Schemes Rs 7.6 crore for three forest divisions during 2016-17 and Rs 14 crore for six forest divisions during 2017-18,” said Mr B Sairam, General Manager (CSR) at a CSR Conclave organised by CII, Bhubaneswar today.
The company, which holds a distinction by registering over 92 per cent of over 143 million tonne total coal production through environment-friendly technology Surface Miners, is following a three-prong strategy to increase the green cover over mother earth.
Besides, contribution to state schemes under its CSR, MCL also distributes saplings for plantation among stakeholders and compensates Forest department, to the tune of twice the times plantation of trees against the forest land acquired for mining coal.
The company presented that it also has a provision for fencing and maintenance of trees for four years and 80 per cent survival rate has been registered
MCL, which is a leading coal producer, contributing to 25 per cent of total coal production of Coal India, is also the top contributor to Odisha under its CSR initiatives.
Successively exceeding its CSR spends, MCL contributed Rs 267 crore under CSR during the financial year ended March 2018, as against prescribed Rs 123 crore.