Make arrangements for Roka-Cheka to ensure crop protection : Chhattisgarh Chief Minister’s appeal to farmers


Raipur: Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh while addressing farmers today said that Roka-Cheka is an old tradition in the villages of Chhattisgarh for protection of crops in which open grazing by animals is restricted. Even today this tradition is very useful for crop protection. Chief Minister Shri Baghel requested Panchs & Sarpanchs, farmers and villagers to make arrangements for Roka-Cheka in the villages till 19th, so that protection of crops can be ensured.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel in his address to farmers said that rainy season has arrived and farmers have started preparations for agriculture. Farmers having irrigation facilities are making preparations for planting saplings. Some farmers have already sprayed paddy or are making preparations for the same. Not just paddy, but preparations for growing oilseeds and pulses are also under full swing in the state. Due to intermittent rain this year, farmers have already performed initial ploughing. Farmers are filled with excitement and enthusiasm. First installment of Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana has been transferred to the farmers. The second installment will be transferred on 20th of August, the birth anniversary of Rajiv ji. Farmers are feeling exalted. When farmers plant a new crop, they go to the farm filled with many dreams. Some arrangements are made by the farmers themselves, while other arrangements are done by the villagers. The farmers have done personal preparation, whether it is for paddy, pulses, oilseeds or maize. I want to appeal to all of you for making preparations for village and home. In order to save it, there is a great need to take care of the paddy crop, when the seed of the grain sprouts. At these times, when cattle graze in open, it leads to heavy losses. Protection of crops is a problem.There is a system of restraining of cattle in our Chhattisgarh. The Pahatiya people graze cattle under their care.This work takes place at different times in different villages.
I would like to request all of you that in Chhattisgarh we have given a slogan “Chhattisgarh ke Chaar Chinhaari, Narva-Garuva-Ghuruva-Bari”. This year we have created a project for 1300 Canals to protect and revive Narva. Structures have been erected. We will continue this scheme next year also. Many works have been done under MGNREGA, including Gauthan construction works. So far, around 2200 Gothans have been constructed. 2800 Gothans are under construction, which will be completed very soon.There are about 11 thousand gram panchayats in our Chhattisgarh, 5 thousand Gothans will be completed in these gram panchayats.This year, we have to make good use of Gothan. As soon as we make arrangements for Roka-Cheka of Garuva, crops will be safe. For this reason, I want to request you that by the 19th, you should meet in the village and make arrangements for Roka-Cheka. It has been decided to give Rs 10 thousand per month to Gothan by the government. There is a lot of activity to be conducted in Gothan. This will create employment opportunities, fertilizer will also be prepared. Many types of livelihood arrangements will be made. All of you have to take part in these activities.The first need is to save the crop, for this it is necessary to arrange Roka-Cheka.

Last year we bought 83 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. This year there is enthusiasm among farmers, acreage will also increase and the number of farmers will also increase. When you are working enthusiastically, your crop should also be safe.I want to request all the farmers and shepherds that if Panch, Sarpach and all brothers and sisters will meet in their village and decide for arranging Roka-Cheka till 19th, then Chhattisgarh will get a new direction. In this way, soon we will be able to make preparations for the second crop too. Many farmers cultivate late due to the fact that the Pahatiya people of the hills do not initiate the grazing work under their supervision, there is no system for management of cattle. Due to this transplanting is delayed. If we are done with transplanting first, then first crop will be harvested and second crop will be prepared. For the second crop to be cultivated quickly, it is also important that we manage Garva and this is very important for our Chhattisgarh. This year, despite the crisis of Corona, farmers have no problem, for this, the Agriculture Department and Cooperative Department have made arrangements for fertilizer and seeds in every society. About 60 percent of the farmers have picked up manure and seeds. Farmers who have not picked yet, are requested to take manure and seeds, so that we can bring more manure and seeds in our stores. Seed distribution is also being done under our Bari scheme. Seed is also being distributed by the agriculture department and the forest department, in the forest area, we want that every kind of vegetables and fruits should be produced in your garden, for this, adequate seeds have been arranged. Farmers should take advantage of this, so that we succeed in the fight against malnutrition which the Chhattisgarh government is fighting today. For our children to be healthy, it is important that they have green vegetable in their plate, fruit is important. So plant every type of vegetable in your garden, so that we can all avoid any kind of malnutrition

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