ITO Olympiad Registration Started

New Delhi: India Talent Olympiad opens registrations for the upcoming batch of students. Nine subjects can be opted from and a student can choose to appear for more than one subject as per their interest. The exams aim to not only enrich one’s knowledge and test their skill but also provides them with an opportunity to win exciting prizes in form of scholarships, laptops and tablets.

The total awards amount to a sum worth of Five Crore rupees. Over thirty-five thousand awards are distributed to deserving individuals, based upon their merit, score and ranking. Apart from these, certificates are awarded to all students. A detailed report card is also made available to every student, for them to analyze their standing, score and various other factors that might help them to improve in the upcoming exams.

Interested students can register themselves at the following link:

Indian Talent Olympiad aims to provide the students with a global platform to put their skills to the test. It nurtures budding individuals, helping them gain proficiency in a subject of their interest. The team at the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) consists of professionals and experts of the field who tailor the exams to provide only the best for the aspiring students. The exam system focuses on applied aspects to test student’s knowledge and understanding while keeping in mind their requirements, related to the designated subjects and additional factors as age group and syllabus.

The registration for the exams can be done in various ways, via schools or even individually, the test can be undertaken irrespective of the educational boards. Can be availed monthly or annually at a minimal price. Acing the Olympiad requires an understanding of the applied field of the subjects involved and much dedicated hard work, hence to guide one through it in a proper way, workbooks structured according to the students class and subjects are made available, for practice.

To provide students further incentive to improve, several awards and certifications are made available and these hold a great value, helping to not only boost the student’s confidence and morale but also helping them better appreciate the potential they have and provide them with a drive to work harder.

The awards and prizes are offered based upon performance, merit and ranks.

  • Eight of the 1st rank holders at the national level are awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 lac.
  • Ten students standing at 2nd positions are honoured with a cash prize of Rs 40,000.
  • Ten students standing subsequently at 3rd position are awarded laptops and hundred subsequent students are given tablets for their prizes.
  • Students participating in the International Science Olympiad (ISO) also stand chances of winning various prestigious international scholarships.
  • State-level rank holders from 1-10 are provided with merit certificates, gold medals and scholarships, students standing at ranks from 11 -25 are provided with excellence awards and medals.
  • District level toppers earn themselves special recognition certificates and medals, acknowledging their achievements.
  • While class toppers are provided with a medal – gold, silver or bronze, based upon their respective ranks. Besides the medal, recognition certificates and a report booklet are provided as well.

All participants receive  certificates, with their name rank and other useful details on them.

The aim of the Olympiad is to provide the student exposure and practice so that they ace similar exams in the near future, it helps them get accustomed to the competitive environment and not succumb to the pressure. It helps them evaluate their understanding, providing them with an idea of where they can improve and grow, in turn nurturing the talent and shaping their potential to gain proficiency over the subject. The test caters to the mass hence providing students across various countries, the access opportunity, to get themselves out there showcase their skills and grow as a learned individual, with acknowledged skills.

The exam can be availed at a minimal charge of Rupees 150, the time limit for such tests being twenty-five minutes for thirty questions, monthly exams or annual exam can be availed according to the students choice. Over the years more than 33,175 schools across India have registered for Olympiad exams conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad with millions of students participating in the test, of these more than seven thousand students win exciting prizes and awards every year.

To further acknowledge the achievers’ hard work Indian Talent Olympiad maintains a list of winners of Olympiad exams which can be found in the following link:

The gallery is maintained to provide recognition to the zeal, enthusiasm and dedication of these individuals, in the hopes that these encouragements would motivate them to work harder and shine brighter.

We believe in building a better and brighter future for the nation, the youth being the future are the ones who need to be guided, nurtured and cared for well, to help them showcase their talent, and make use of their skill understanding and to gain proficiency in matters of their interest.

Indian Talent Olympiad looks forward to awarding more students celebrating more achievements, and carrying on the tradition of excellence. Interested students can enrol now.

More information regarding the same can be availed at:

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