Italian globe-trotter, students from Centurion University join 24th Monks, Caves & Kings

Bhubaneswar: A globe-trotter who has travelled 100 nations so far, students from city-based Centurion University, communication consultant with the same university and a journalist joined the 24th Monks, Caves and Kings today to learn the history, socio-anthropology and political situations in ancient Odisha, while exploring the caves in and around Udayagiri and Khandagiri Twin Hills.
Paulo from Italy, who came to Odisha for the first time, was very much excited after the heritage walk. “I am delighted to know the stories behind the caves of the Twin Hills as many are linked to this land, which once had a tremendous impact on the entire sub-continent. The guide explained everything nicely and I hope more people must come and join this walk,’’ Paulo added.
He also hoped that he would join the Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit tomorrow, which starts from Mukteswar Temple and ends at medicinal plant garden Ekamra Van.
Four students from Centurion University Swagatika Mohapatra, Anamika Singh, Unmuna Priyadarshini and Apurva Pattnaik were also part of the walk and they had a wonderful time away from their busy schedule at campus.
“We are extremely happy to know so many wonderful stories on Odisha, its brave hearts, artisans with a heavenly touch with their craft, the Jain traditions of managing life with austerity and how the royals had such a beautiful patronage over the belief and even perhaps were part of the core group of the preachers. All these facts inspired us immensely to more about Odisha’s past,’’ said Apurva.
Anamika, communication consultant with the city-based Centurion University, after the walk observed that Ekamra Walks with its trail in the Twin Hills has really helped the society to make people aware about their own culture, heritage, history and connect them to their roots.
“More and more people must join the heritage walks in the city so that they would know about the history, genesis and influences of various rulers and dynasties over the period of time. We should also be proud that being a major city of that era Bhubaneswar changed the thought of a great part of the world by introducing the philosophy of Buddha after the Kalinga War,’’ she informed.
Scribe Sandip Bal, a frequent participant with city’s heritage walks and expeditions said “we need to include more and more schools and colleges to attract students so that the heritage message would reach more and more people beyond generations.’’

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