Inspired India will emerge as a strong vibrant economy: Anand Sharma, Deputy Leader Opposition

New Delhi: Mr Anand Sharma, Member of Parliament & Deputy Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha addressing the session on ‘Inspired India’ during FICCI’s 93rd Annual Convention said that COVID-19 has ravaged the globe, but India has responded positively and managed the situation well with a mix of strategies.

He further said that while the world was still learning, India was not thrown off balance. We ramped up our capacities, and our health care systems responded to the crises, taking a leadership role to meet the challenge.

The coronavirus crisis has come as a heavy blow to the already struggling world economy and resulted in the closure of businesses worldwide, and India’s economic status also took a major hit but this pandemic paved India’s much-anticipated way into the healthcare manufacturing sector, he added.

Touching upon the issue of migrant labour, Mr Sharma said that there is need in the country to have a national database particularly of the migrant labour, so that we are better prepared for any such situation if it arises in the future.

Mr Sharma said that it is now time for us to recover, “Next year, hopefully the vaccine will come, and we will be able to accelerate and create a better year and better future.”

He suggested that the government should go for major capital infusion to manage the investment crisis and the banking crisis. “It will take time for us to recover, it has to be an inspired, resilient and confident India which will be able to overcome the challenge,” he said.

Commending the industry and industry bodies on its role during this time of crisis, he said, the captains of industry have a major role today, and entrepreneurs and institutions must work together for an inspired India.

Speaking on the future Mr Sharma said that the challenges will remain, but we will approach the future with optimism and hope. “The pandemic and its management have taught us a lot and we have learnt, adapted, and proved our resilience,” he said.

Dr Jyotsna Suri, Past President, FICCI & Chairperson & Managing Director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group said that India has demonstrated its strength in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and now on the verge of producing a safe and cost-effective vaccine for the citizens of the world.

The session was moderated by Mr Uday Shankar, President-Elect, FICCI.