Initiative to Increase the Agricutural Production for Contribution of Overall Economic Development, Project by North Eastern Council Under Ministry of Doner.

New Delhi : This project farm Mechanisation, Sikkim, implementing by the Food Security & Agriculture Development Department, Govt. of Sikkim in Gangtok. This project’s approved cost Rs. 504.05 lakhs. The North Eastern Council’s share are Rs. 453.65 lakhs and the state’s share is Rs.50.40 lakhs. This project’s location is East, West and North South Districts of Sikkim.

The objective is to increase the output per man and animal, thereby ensuring timeless operation, minimize the cost of the different unit of operations involved in agricultural production, raise farm incomes and contribute to overall economic development.

The comparative higher output of operation by the power tillers as compared to bullock reduces the operational time and achieves timeliness in operation. This significantly reduces the seasonal fallows and thereby substantially increases their cropping intensity, employment and income.


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