IIT Bhubaneswar – On Course of Empowering Odisha Villages with Innovative Solar Energy Solutions

Bhubaneswar: Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has successfully designed, developed and deployed an affordable Movable Solar Photovoltaic (MSPV) System for water pumping in remote and non-accessible areas of Odisha.
The developed systems have been installed in 13 different locations in various districts including Angul, Dhenkanal, Puri, Bhadrak, Korput, Keonjhar, Nayagarh and Mayurbhaj. Besides these, three systems have been installed in Podapada, Kanaspada and Khudupur villages, which are been adopted by IIT Bhubaneswar under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA).
The project is funded by the Directorate of Agriculture and Food Production, Government of Odisha under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) Scheme.
Dr Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki of School of Electrical Science and Dr Satish D. Dhandole of School of Mechanical sciences have led this project. This research team and a few other research teams at the institute work on renewable energy integration and power quality related areas.
Dr Karanki informed that the unique feature of the system is its ability to easily move from one farm to another, which will enable the small time farmers with an affordable water pumping system. Submersible and Mono block pump AC Motors are designed to operate at low solar irradiance. Built-in Inverter circuitry is designed to achieve maximum solar energy harvesting with single stage power conversion from DC to AC, thereby increasing the reliability and reducing the overall cost. Apart from powering from the solar modules, if required the developed model can be operated from single phase grid supply also. The institute is willing to transfer the technology for mass production by any manufacturer with possible subsidy.
The above apart the group is developing a 50 kWp Microgrid ( 30 kWp PV + 10 kW Biomass +10 kw Biogas + 150 kWh Battery Backup) for installation in Ranipada Village of Harichananpur Block, Keonjhar under a project titled “RE-EMPOWERED” sanctioned by the Department of Science and Technology, government of India. They are also working on the development of an IoT based floating solar energy technology for rural India under the Solar Energy Research and Development (SERD) programme of the DST, Government of India.
Speaking on the completion of the deployment of the MSPV, Prof Raja Kumar, Director of IIT Bhubaneswar said, “while working on the high technology areas like advanced semiconductor chip designs, nanotechnology and real-time cyclone prediction with advanced models, the institute has been concentrating on developing technologies that have high social, national and local relevance. Especially the institute has strong resolve and working on the problems of the hinterland through innovative technology solutions”.

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