Guide on choosing office jewelries

Most women are pretty intuitive when it comes to wearing jewellery for parties, occasions or dates but what about the office?

It’s usually a conundrum for most women. Is it too much or too little? It is too showy or not appropriate?

So, here’s the complete guide to wearing jewellery to work:

  1. For everyday wear
  • Less is more: After you’re done getting dressed up, remove one thing before you’re out of the door.
  • Wear a necklace or your diamond stud earrings but not both together. If your earrings are tiny or part of the set, it’s okay to pair them together.
  • You can wear your engagement ring or wedding band to work.
  • Try to avoid wearing a ring on every finger. You don’t want to look like an astrologer on TV. Wear one ring on either hand to keep it simple.
  • Wear delicate jewellery to work and avoid trendy, fashion jewellery. Unless you work in a creative domain, in which case, anything goes!
  1. Interviews
  • Wear subtle jewellery. You want to dazzle your interviewer with talent not blind them with your jewellery. Again, if you work in a creative/fashion industry, go nuts!
  • Gold stud earrings are typically the best bet to keep your feminine energy without appearing too flashy. Big loops are a no-no.
  • If you’re someone who feels incomplete without jewellery, opt for a nice watch instead.
  1. Business Meetings
    • Depending on the meeting is being held – someone’s office vs at a restaurant, change your jewellery. Again, less is more. So limit your jewellery pieces to 3 to keep the focus on the agenda.
    • Small studs, bracelets or a nice delicate necklace is great for a business meeting. Bracelets are great because you will be using your hands a lot to explain.
  2. Company dinners/lunches
    • Wear graceful jewellery that makes you look stylish and professional.
    • Your dress should be the main focus not your jewellery.
    • Wear a nice watch, a smartwatch if you work in the tech industry.
    • Bracelets or a nice pair of earrings are great for a sophisticated look.
  3. Informal company parties
    • Wear a nice statement piece and select other accessories around it.
    • A nice necklace or dangling earrings are usually the way to go.
    • Again, your attire is the most important part of your whole look. You can make a plain dress pop with a statement piece and if your dress is doing most of the work, wear subtle jewellery pieces.
    • Of course, this does not apply if you’re working in the entertainment industry. You have to be on-trend and wear something eclectic that shows off your personality.

These are obviously some basic pointers to help you out if you’re confused about how much and what to wear. You can mix and match jewellery, big loop earrings or even some ethnic pieces if you’re comfortable with it. If you work in a corporate office, stick to the basics – stud earrings, a nice subtle necklace, bracelet or a nice watch. For a more casual workplace environment, anything goes. In creative fields, your jewellery is the way for you to show off your personality so don’t be afraid of throwing every rule out of the window.

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