The Complete Guide to Using A Laptop Efficiently

With immense technological growth encompassing every nook and corner of the world, everyone has to upgrade to ace in the field of modern technology. We grew up in an age where there were single-chip microprocessors and now it is a world full of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. Day by day, we are developing and making ourselves smarter. These gadgets have been introduced to us to make our lives comfortable. Besides, getting laptops on rent have also worked towards making our life even more convenient as it is portable too.

So, what next?

Get a USB Mouse

 While there is definitely nothing wrong with using the touchpad to operate your laptop, a USB mouse is a better option in the longer run, where ergonomics and usability are concerned. A wireless model is also an excellent option.

First, Protect

A laptop’s screen is its most delicate and at-risk element, making it prone to cracks and damages easily. Clean it particularly with recommended solutions or screen cleaning wipes. Especially during presentations or meetings, don’t tarnish the screen by using a pointer that can damage the surface.

Update the OS

Irrespective of the place you bought it from, a physical store or online, your laptop typically is far behind when it comes to the latest updates. Ensure the OS is constantly up-to-date and you are periodically notified of any future updates.

Antivirus – The Saviour

Your laptop is unquestionably vulnerable to malware. An antivirus helps protect the system in real-time without compromising the system data. Ensure you scan for malware atleast once a week.

Max Battery Life

Apart from all the conveniences a laptop offers, the cherry on the top is always long battery life. Simple things like reducing the display brightness and utilising the energy saver mode can help you achieve the same.

 Data Recovery

 Losing tons of data when your laptop crashes is certainly painful. Don’t let this befall you. Ensure that you set up automated system backups to have all your data safely stored in the Cloud.


Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may seem difficult but doing so is quite easy. Download and just run the app. This app encrypts your connection and protects against hackers.

Uninstall Bloatware

Most vendors install bloatware on your system, they are unnecessary pre-loaded software. Uninstall the same as they take up most of your system’s resources.

Set up Face Recognition and Fingerprint

Avoid using a typical password and opt for fingerprint or face recognition to ensure your system security is not compromised. They only take a few minutes to set up and are a quicker and safer way to log in.

Set up Keyboard shortcuts for every app

 To save both time and effort, set up hotkeys that open your preferred programs. Click on Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Type in “explorer shell:AppsFolder” and hit OK. Right-click on the app you want a shortcut for and select Create Shortcut. Click Yes. Right-click on the new short cut and select Properties. Add a relevant key combination. Click on Ok. You’re now good to go!

These tips contribute towards effectively using your new laptop. If you are a gadget aficionado and want to stay up-to-date with the latest specs, you can also opt for mobile phones on rent.







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