Benefits of Using Fast VPN Server in India

A virtual private network is a way to bring privacy and security back to the Internet browsing experience in India. It works by taking someone’s internet traffic and routing it through a server before passing this connection on to the intended online resource. The VPN service controls this server, and when the user traffic passes through it, they’re able to provide a number of benefits to the connection.

Access Region Locked Data

One of the biggest advantages that come with using a VPN service is that, after the connection passes through the server, it looks like the data originated in that country. It doesn’t matter where the user is located – all it matters is where the VPN server is located. For people who want to get access to India specific content, such as Bollywood and Hotstar, connecting to a VPN server in India is a must. After that, their connection seems like it came from India and they’re able to watch what they want.

Retain Access to India Content During International Travel

For people who already live in India, but find themselves frequently outside of the country, they might run into problems where they can’t access their home content on the road. The VPN server enables them to continue watching their favorite Indian content without any interruption, which is great when someone is in the middle of a series or they want to check out the hot new releases, no matter where they’re at in the world at the time. Connect to a fast India VPN server to continue a browsing experience that’s just like home.

Protect Yourself From Government Surveillance

An unfortunate fact is that the Indian government has legislation in place that enables them to spy on their citizens. The Telegraph Act, 1883 makes this possible and legal in India, which is obviously a big problem for anyone that wants to have privacy during their online activities. No one wants to feel like there’s someone watching over their shoulder while they’re having conversations online with loved ones, or feeling like they’re being judged for the online videos that they want to watch.

A fast VPN server in India stops government spying by protecting the online data of VPN users. It does this by encrypting the information so that it’s not readily accessible to the government. The only way to get useable information out of encrypted data is to be able to decrypt it, which is only possible with an encryption key that the VPN service themselves controls.

Even if the government intercepts this data, they aren’t going to be able to do anything with it. People can enjoy true anonymity, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to have in today’s highly connected world.

Get Around Internet Throttling

Another significant benefit that comes from protecting the privacy of online browsing is that websites and other online resources are not able to throttle user browsing based on the content they’re accessing. Typically, an ISP would be the one throttling the data, based on the type of content being looked at. For example, they might cut the speeds way down for people who are trying to watch a lot of online videos.

The VPN masks the online activity so the ISP doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking at, which means they can’t choose to throttle those types of packets. It helps speed up the online connection by making sure that there is true neutrality in the way that the data packets get processed.

Remove Ads from the Browsing Experience

Since the user’s Internet connection passes through the VPN service before it connects to the public Internet, the VPN can proactively block ads and marketing trackers before they’re encountered. It’s quite a difference going from an Internet experience that is not ad blocked, to one that is. Sometimes it seems like websites are filled to the brim with ads, and there are an endless number of trackers that try to get information for advertisers to use.

The VPN returns the user to a pure Internet experience that is not overwhelmed by advertising. It can represent a significant usability improvement on websites, allowing them to be accessed faster because no one is waiting around for the ads to load.

Improve Cybersecurity of Your Devices

The VPN service also improves overall cybersecurity of the devices that connect through it. Much like the ads, malware and phishing attempts are blocked at the VPN level. People can feel more comfortable going to online resources when there is a lower risk that they’re going to end up with compromising malware on their devices.

Stop Unauthorized Data Collection

Sometimes a person doesn’t realize that websites are collecting data on them. The analytics tools that many websites and online resources use provide a wealth of information about their website visitors. This includes sensitive data such as a person’s IP address, which can be very easy to track to their real-life address. VPN users stop this type of data collection from happening by masking their original IP address and using other protective features in order to boost their privacy.

Access Censored Internet Content

Whether a person is accessing content in India or when they’re traveling abroad, some countries censor their Internet experience and make it impossible to access content. The government blocks this information, which goes again having a free and open Internet. The VPN allows people to get back to having an uncensored Internet by giving them full access to these resources.

Choosing a Fast VPN Server in India

When looking at VPN servers in India, there are a few rules of thumb to follow during the selection process. The first is confirming that they have servers actually located in India, for times when the person is traveling internationally and wants a way to access their home content.

Another important characteristic to look at is whether the data is unlimited on the service. It doesn’t matter how fast the connection is if there’s a low data cap in place. Streaming videos eat up a ton of bandwidth, and it doesn’t take many before someone runs up against the data cap on VPN services. Unlimited data is always going to be the best choice for managing streaming content.

Related to the unlimited data feature is the need for unlimited collections. How many devices can access the Internet in a given house? It’s likely that there are a double digit number, especially as more and more smart home devices find their way into Indian households. It’s important to connect as many devices as possible through the VPN, in order to keep the Internet connections safe for all of the online activity in a household.

When looking at the pure speed that a VPN has to offer, there are a few ways to evaluate them. The first is that they need to be fast enough to support HD online streaming. Without that, it’s difficult to access the full range of content that’s available online with the help of a VPN service. Another thing to look for is to confirm that the VPN is not blocked by popular streaming services such as Hotstar and Netflix.

Sometimes online resources aggressively block VPN providers for various reasons. Advanced VPNs circumvent these blocks by making their traffic look like it’s nothing but normal Internet traffic. It’s a camouflage mode that can trick online providers, the Internet service, and even government blocking software. In some cases, it’s necessary to whitelist websites that don’t allow any proxy traffic at all. A good VPN service allows a person to do that without needing to turn off their VPN service, so the rest of the browsing experience continues to be protected .

Running speed tests is one way to get a basic understanding of whether they offer a fast VPN server in India or not. However, it’s also important to consider the viewing experience. Sometimes the speed numbers aren’t the highest around, but the streaming itself is exceptionally good quality, with limited to no buffering. The speeds required also depend on the type of content that’s being consumed, the way that the videos are compressed and processed, and whether the user is looking to access 4K quality videos.

When deciding on fast VPN servers in India, look for a VPN that has multiple server locations in the country. It’s quite a large landmass, so it’s important to have more than one choice for the server location. The availability of customer service is another important part of this. Sometimes even the most tech-savvy people can run into problems with VPN services, and the self-service resources don’t always fix more complex issues. Having friendly and knowledgeable customer service available during prime time in India is essential to keeping a quality VPN service.

There are many fast VPN server options in India, so knowing exactly what someone is looking for out of their VPN provider is an essential part of making this decision. Once they sign up, they get to enjoy the Internet as it’s meant to be.

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