90 days to go for the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018

Bhubaneswar : With just 90 days to go for the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar Development Authority and Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) have lined up a series of projects for the city’s citizens to use and celebrate:
The CRUT has planned for 200 bus queue shelters (modern bus stops) with Rs 20 crore. For better management of the city buses there will be two bus depots at Patrapada and Patia respectively. By November more than 100 buses will run in the city along with the existing fleet of buses. Less covered routes to have more frequencies like Chakeisiani, Ghatikia, Sikharchandi and Kalinga Vihar from here the buses are plying in less numbers.
Mechanical sweeping along 80 km route by two agencies, for which letter of authorisation (LOA) has been issued to start the work. Cleaning will also include signage, dustbins and statues and the agencies would have to be equipped with manual cleaning staff. Streetlights will be scrutinised and streamlined along the 80-km stretch and this road will be free from hoarding and flex billboards and free from encroachment as the latter makes the skyline ugly. City-wide Wi-Fi will be ready by the end of October and the network will be accessible at 300 points across the State Capital.
BDA to take up plantation and development of medians and ornamentation along 40 km major roads. This will cover various roads and junctions including traffic islands, medians and avenue plantations along with supply and planting of plant material, planter boxes, barricades and dustbins etc. The plantation activity will include planting of flower beds, grass, lawns, shrubs, hedge rows and trees. Besides, there will be planter boxes and hanging planters along with tree guards and railings. However, the project proponent will be encouraged to use further innovations when developing its proposal and suggest alternatives that are beneficial for the project.

Street Art and Mural Project (STAMP) to beautify the city will be undertaken by BMC for which selection/panel preparation will be finalised by September 5. STAMP has already proved its effects during the Asian Athletics Championship, 2017.
Heritage signage will be in place for which OMC has already given more than Rs 2 crore to the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. Already the Old Bhubaneswar area has become a hoarding free zone and the heritage signage with the characteristics matching the monuments would change the scenario for a better ambiance.
The city will have 5 more heritage walks, cycle tour and nature trails apart from the existing three i.e. Ekamra Walks in Old Town, Monks, Caves and Kings at Khandagiri-Udayagiri and Museum Walks at Crafts Museum, Kala Bhoomi are currently being undertaken by BDA, BMC and Odisha Tourism.
City Festivals of Food, Music and Entertainment will be done at Janata Maidan by BDA, BMC and Odisha Tourism. Storytelling festival will be organised by BDA in collaboration with Bakul Foundation. For the storytelling festival while the two finalised venue are Buddha Jayanti Park and Indira Gandhi Park, the third venue could be Madhusudan Das Park or Kala Bhoomi.
Bhubaneswar Art Trail will be organised to showcase the heritage and art in a collaborative mode by BDA, BMC and Utsha Foundation. This project is located in a trail of 1.3 km in the Old Town including the street houses important medieval monuments, modern and contemporary architecture, schools, shops, public institutions, etc. Artists will explore these edifices from different time periods and interact with the community, their history, personal memories, etc. to map the transformations and record not only the memories but the aspirations of the community and their dreams about the city.