Inner inspection of Ratna Bhandar to be done after consulting State govt, Chattisa Nijog: SJTA chief


Puri: Inner inspection ofRatna Bhandar to be done after consulting State govt, Chattisa Nijog says Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Pradeep Jena.

He said this after a meeting of the Ratna Bhandar Sub-Committee on Monday. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will only assess the structural condition of the chamber following instruction of the Orissa High Court and there is no intention whatsoever to inspect any articles or other things inside Ratna Bhandar, said Jena adding therefore people should not fall prey to any confusion over it.

“No one will touch any jewellery or other articles inside Ratna Bhandar as no instruction has been given for inspection of the same. Only visual inspection of the wall and roof will be conducted,” said Jena.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be followed while entering Ratna Bhandar and a meeting of the Chhatisa Nijog will be called for thorough consultation, he added.