YouTube and WhatsApp Are Now The Most Popular Apps for Kids

With Covid-19 creating havoc, the last year proved to be challenging for both the professionals and the kids. While the adult struggled to work from home remotely, the kids were introduced to online classes to continue their learning while maintaining social distance. Kaspersky Safe Kids recently carried out a study to reveal what the kids are precisely doing in addition to online classes. Kaspersky Safe Kids report analysed the data of 14 categories for computers running on macOS and Windows. 

Distribution of Website Categories

The study revealed that the kids are now significantly involved in audio and video software along with the e-commerce category. Surprisingly, the kids didn’t download many computer games and were not actively using internet communication media. The most popular apps in 2020-2021 for kids were YouTube, WhatsApp and TikTok. The popularity of TikTok was almost double the popularity of Instagram. 

The most favoured categories for kids during the lockdown were:

  • Software, audio, video: 44.38%
  • Internet communication media: 22.08% 
  • Computer games: 13.67% 
  • Online store, banks and payment system: 13.46%
  • News media: 4.15%

Last year, software, audio and video contributed 40% and this year, it grew by four percentage points. Interestingly, even though the children are attending online classes, internet communication dropped to22.08% from 24.16% last year. 

Android Apps

YouTube (32.17%) led the popularity score by a huge margin and it was followed by WhatsApp (18.07%) for the Android devices. . TikTok (14.96%) managed to be in the third position even when it was banned in a few countries. The top four games in the list included Brawl Stars (6.34%), Roblox (3.82%), Among Us (3.80%) and Minecraft (22.84%).

The largest contributor to this popularity lies in South Asia, and more specifically in India with 54.91% website visitors. Also, there was a huge margin between India and the next biggest contributor. Interestingly, the children of India visit the different video platforms via computer compared to children of other countries. India ranked fourth in the time spent by kids on YouTube mobile app. The Zoom app was mostly used by children of the United Arab Emirates (8..40%) and India (5.96%). Facebook did not enjoy universal popularity and was decently popular in the following countries: Egypt, Mexico and India. 

Distribution of YouTube Searches

34.71% of the YouTube searches by the kids were that of games, followed by YouTube bloggers and music. In the video searches done by children, half of the searches belong to cartoons. The most searched cartoons included Lady Bug and Super Cat, Gravity Falls and Peppa Pig. The Voice Kids was the most searched television show in the English language. The most searched movie trailers included Godzilla vs Kong, Justice League and WandaVision. The most searched requests on Netflix by the kids included Stranger Things and Kobra Kai. In music, apart from BTS and BLACKPINK, singers who became popular were Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. Most of the music trendsetting took place in TikTok.

Internet Mediated Communication 

In the last year, children using Internet Media Communication often visited social media networks, the web versions of the messaging services like WhatsApp Web, and conferencing services. Social media Network was actively used by the kids of Egypt, Russia and Mexico and were the least used by kids of France, Great Britain and Germany. WhatsApp was the most popular messaging service even for kids from all around the globe and it ranked second in the overall rank of the apps downloaded by the kids. 

The children, along with using WhatsApp, also used Zoom for internet communication. In fact, Zoom made the top 10 apps in many countries like the United Arab Emirates, India, The Republic of Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kenya. The most popular social network for the kids included TikTok and it has a huge popularity base in Spain, Germany, Belarus, Australia, Brazil, Canada France and UK. It was also popular in India; however, due to diplomatic problems, India removed TikTok along with other popular apps like Shareit

Notably, children of the present generation are also creating content along with consuming it. With the introduction of new apps, the children have received ample options to explore their interest. This report by Kaspersky Safe Kids showed the children’s interest clearly while ensuring that the anonymity of everyone is maintained.

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