Y20 Consultation at KIIT; Media Editors Encourage Positive Values in Youth Through Constructive Role

Bhubaneswar : Prominent media editors emphasized the constructive role of media in instilling pride in the youth for their nation and inspiring them to lead in the nation-building process.

Speaking at a media session organized by KIIT DU as part of the Y20 Consultations, senior journalist and Editorial Director of New Indian Express, Prabhu Chawla, stressed the need to eliminate negative perceptions among the youth about their nation and encourage them to make India a better place to live as positive citizens.

The theme of the session was ‘The Power of Youth: Driving Change and Building a Better World.’ Media professionals from across the country covering the Consultation were felicitated during the event by the Founder of KIIT and KISS, Dr Achyuta Samanta, and other dignitaries.

Editor of Dharitri and Odisha Post, Tathagata Satpathy, called upon the younger generation to be open to alternative thoughts and opinions, rather than harboring a closed-minded mentality. He urged them to rise above religious beliefs and work together toward building a strong and prosperous nation.

Niranjan Rath, Printer, Publisher, and Editor of Samaj, expressed concern about the increasing indiscipline among the youth of the present generation. He emphasized the importance of utilizing their energies towards promoting peace and prosperity in society, drawing inspiration from youth leaders like Swami Vivekananda and Shivaji Maharaj.

Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, Editor of Sambad, urged the youth to devote their energies to building a strong nation and continuing the work left by their predecessors. He called for media professionals to unite in sensitizing young people to think of bringing about positive change in our lives.

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