World Theatre Day Celebrated at Koraput by Nandanik


Nandanik, a theatre group based in Koraput, Odisha has been celebrating the World Theatre Day in Koraput since 2014. On 27 March 2023, Nandanik organized a programme at Semiliguda, Koraput on this occasion.
Dr Rajendra Patra, Chairman, Sunabeda Municipality was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dr Patra congratulated all theatre artists on the occasion of World Theatre Day and said that Theatre develops the society.
Dr Sourav Gupta, Creative Director of Nandanik explained the significance of the World Theatre Day and informed that in 1961 UNESCO had declared 27 March as World Theatre Day. Every year a noted theatrician gives the WTD message. In 2023 the message is given by actress Samiha Ayoub from Egypt
The message was translated to Odia by eminent Indian director Shri Subodh Patnaik. The message in Odia was read out by Saumendra Swain, Treasurer of Nandanik.
The artists of Nandanik presented various cultural performances -Geeti Alekhya by Subhas Chandra Behera and Lili Pradhan. Dance performed by Sthitikalpa Swain, Arpita Garada, Priyadarsini. Mime play was performed by Laxmi Sakia and Ajay Edding. Mono Action was performed by Susant Swain, Gupta Pradhan. “Rhythm With Dhol ” was played by Tankadhar Behera.
A speech delivered by youth activist and social worker, Tanmay Pradhan, on the topic of “Importance of Theatre in Present Society and Youth”. A short discussion took place by Nandanik’s artists on the topic of “Women in Drama”.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks was proposed by Monideepa Gupta, Secretary of Nandanik.

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