World Autism Awareness Day at DN Regalia Mall

Bhubaneswar: As a measure of raising awareness on Autism Spectrum Disorder and to engage children with special needs in mainstream recreational activities, DN Regalia Mall organized a special event on World Autism Awareness Day 2019
in collaboration with Wood Apple School, Bhubaneswar.

A 3D Hindi film ‘Dumbo’ was specially screened in the morning, from 9 am – 11 am at the INOX theatre, for students of Wood Apple, a school for special children. Thereafter, students enjoyed food and beverages at the DN Regalia Food Court. They also participated in singing songs and balloon play. Souvenirs
and balloons were gifted to the children to mark the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion on behalf of DN Regalia, Mrs. Minati Naik said, “we are fortunate that today on World Autism Awareness Day we had the opportunity of spending some quality time with these little angels. I have always been very keen to contribute to the well-being and mainstreaming
of children with special needs. With a little bit of care and attention from us, these kids can enjoy as much as others, making this world a better place to live in. We are truly very happy that Mrs. Shanta Baliarsingh and Mrs. Reeta Baliarsingh and the little angels from Wood Apple School are here with us
today at DN Regalia. DN REGALIA always encourages socially responsible activities and extends a helping hand to people especially children who are in need of care and support.”

DN Regalia is committed to contributing substantially to an inclusive and equitable social environment and will continue to engage in meaningful programmes with civil society participation to accomplish this objective.

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