The “Wonder Women” a group performed play “Na, Mu Kariparibi”


Bhubaneswar: The “Wonder Women” is a group of ordinary women who have come together to send a message that women can do wonder in a form of a play as “Na, Mu Kariparibi” a play at Railway Auditorium. This play touches upon the aspirations, resilience and inner strength of women in their middle stage. The wonder women are represented by a group of women coming from all walks of life. They are largely working and business women who have found a common platform in expression of their dramatic intent. The play is written and directed by Ms Sujata Priyadarshini.

The play was performed by Tanaya Patnaik, Shradha Padhi, Rita Tripathy Pati, Gargi Bhattachajee, Revati Pany, Aruna Mohanty, Priya Lenka , Sucheta Priyabadini, Sanghamitra Senapati, Sonie Rath, Pranati Das and Annapurna Das known as the Wonder Women. The play is supported by Rajalaxmi, Subhalaxmi, Sudipta, Paramita and Rosalin Patsani , Founder Chairman Parichaya Foundation . The main motive of the play is for women nothing is impossible and she can do anything, any challenge and can face any problem. With this male dominated world these kind of play not only should motivate the women but the men also. This is a play by Women of Women and for everyone.

Every year one of the flagship programof NHRDN, Bhubaneswar chapter focuses on women power. This year also NHRDN extended its support to the play Na Mun Kari paribi a play is done how women strive to prove themselves in every stage of life.