Women of Koraput speak out in Women’s Day programme by Nandanik

Koraput: Nandanik, a theatre group based in Koraput, Odisha has been doing drama productions and theatre based activities in Koraput and adjoining areas for last four years. As a part of its extension activity, Nandanik observed the International Women’s Day in its office in Koraput through an open, interactive session where women of Koraput shared their experiences.

At the start of the programme, Prof Sourav Gupta, creative director of Nandanik said, ‘Nandanik, besides being a theatre group is also a social organization. We aim not only to do theatre at Koraput but also promote a healthy cultural ambience where everybody may participate. One of our prime objectives is to address women’s issues in the society and also to engage the positive energy of women in social activities. This understanding will help us to later produce plays on these issues. Today’s programme is a small initiative to provide women, who are extremely important part of our lives, to speak out and engage in an exchange.’

The programme comprised cultural performances by child artists, recitations and songs by women artists. One of the important component of the programme was women from different backgrounds, house wives, service holders, business women, sharing their experiences in a common forum and others also joining to exchange opinions. There was a sizeable gathering comprising mostly women apart from members of Nandanik were present. On this occasion, Tanuja Pati, Nandanik’s member & actress was honoured.

Monideepa Gupta, convener of the programme, proposed the vote of thanks. Saumendra Kumar Swain, Sharada Khuntia , joint coordinators of the programme, Ajaya Edding, Rahul Patnaik & other members of Nandanik played an active role in the programme.