Women Are Opting for Careers in Gaming

The World is moving fast and new jobs are appearing in unexpected fields. What’s more, these jobs are being taken by unexpected players.

Gaming is Not Just Entertainment for Men

Just a few years ago, people would not normally put the words ‘career’ and ‘gaming’ in one sentence. Nowadays, over 90 per cent of respondents to a recent study by HP India see a career in the gaming industry as a viable option. What is more interesting, or even surprising, is that 84 per cent of all female participants answered they wanted to pursue such a career, as compared to 80 per cent of males.

Vickram Bedi, Senior Director of Personal Systems at HP India, welcomes women’s rising presence in the gaming world because it helps push gaming into the mainstream in India. She says desi women are getting more and more independent, both socially and financially, and they are making their own decisions regarding career and entertainment choices.

The 2021 Gaming Landscape India report by HP also reveals that more women than men (43 per cent of all female respondents compared to 39 per cent of male participants) are willing to spend more money on gaming hardware. Similarly, a greater share of women (91 per cent) consider gaming a good socialising opportunity that helps one connect with friends and family, or even find new friends.

Established Female Internet Stars and Industry Leaders Pave the Way Ahead

The gaming industry offers various career opportunities to women and they are already well represented in virtually all possible roles: they range from creators to users, from game entrepreneurs, developers and artists to professional players, streamers and influencers.

Women’s presence should not be a surprise in the ecosystem, because it is not different from any other field, holds the prominent representative of the gaming business, Hitwicket Games’ co-founder and vice president of growth, Keerti Singh.

BlackLight Studio Works‘ co-founder Shruti Sarraf says that now is the right time to join the gaming industry because it is booming and careers can be quite lucrative. She adds that desi game developers should work to expand on the global market by creating games that have an international appeal.

Success in gaming is a matter of passion, not gender, for YouTube gamer star Sooneeta (Sunita Thapa Magar) who doubled her subscriber base to 4.1 million in the course of just one year. “Online gaming platforms are for all – men and women,” she claimed in her talk at the virtually conducted first edition of India Gaming Summit in 2020.

Gamer and Streamer Manasvivi (Manasvi Dalvi) sees a bright future for women in gaming, but still there are hurdles to be overcome. According to her, there is only one problem and it is the slander women have to face at times for being a part of the gaming world. Manasvivi says women must not let this stop them; they can solve the issue by just proving their worth.

Offline Gaming Features its Own Women Stars As Well

Proving her worth is exactly what desi poker star Nikita Luther has been doing. The Superwoman of Indian poker, as she is often called, was the first Bharat woman to bag the World Series of Poker (WSOP) golden bracelet and then she became the leader for Indian women of the Global Poker Index in 2020.

Slander and gender stereotypes are not the only hurdles Nikita had to overcome on her way to the top. Union and state legislation on gambling and betting is a complex labyrinth of rules and bans. Nevertheless, she never limited herself to the safety of online casinos. Instead, she worked in an environment where her hobby could easily be taken as illegal and caused persecution, and she managed to turn it into a profession. Nikita did not just only have to prove women had a place in poker; she had to show that this is not a mere game of chance. Her track record of thousands of consistent wins served as evidence that poker is actually a sport that requires a lot of skill and dedication. 10Cric.com is one of many Indian websites, that offers both poker, sports betting and casino

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