With sewing masks for servitors in Bahuda Yatra, Govt ITI Bhubaneswar soaks in divine devotion


Bhubaneswar: Lord Jagannath is the epitome of love and divine offering for every Odia. The first fruit of a plant or the first flower from our garden is often offered to the Lord and His siblings as a token of the eternal divine link for centuries after centuries. Likewise, services of an individual or an institution when rendered for the Trinity, it means a lot and we feel that our achievements have really reached a beautiful peak as this has always been the saga of the Jagannath Culture.
The students, staff and authorities of Government ITI Bhubaneswar are feeling blessed, honoured and lucky as the masks worn by 1,500 sevayats (servitors) at the Bahuda festival in Puri today were supplied by the institute. The Puri District Administration and especially District Collector Balwant Singh had requested the premier institute of the State in ITI education to do the supplies and the team just complied to the order just in a couple of days amidst COVID-19 pandemic.
Principal Government ITI Bhubaneswar Jeetamitra Satapathy feels this rare honour will bring in blessings for all and especially to the students of the institute as the Puri District Administration has chosen the institute to provide the service and it would be remembered by all for supplying the masks within the deadline. Though it was a difficult task, everybody was happy and over enthusiastic as their work was an offering indirectly to the Trinity’s service through the Bahuda Yatra.
It was learnt that the Puri District Administration gave the order to the Government ITI Bhubaneswar regarding the 1,500 masks on last Friday afternoon around 4 pm and the masks were ready for delivery by 12 noon on Tuesday. The theme of the colour of the masks was on the colours based on the three chariots of the Trinity, i.e. Nandighosha, Debadalan and Taladwaja. So, the masks have majority with yellow-red, black-red and green-red pattern as directed by the district administration.
The Government ITI’s Dress Making Trade used the service of 10 of its student volunteers for the sewing process and five students for the packaging of the masks for the servitors of the Bahuda Yatra of the sibling deities of Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri, who come on an annual ritualistic trip to their aunt’s place (Gundicha Temple). However, due to restrictions over congregation on the Grand Road as per the Apex Court’s verdict only 1,500 servitors were allowed to tug the chariots and they were also asked to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.
It can be mentioned here that the institute has got 14 trades and most of them are in high demand as it has one of the finest workshops and laboratory facilities and a well-knit industry linked placement system in place.
During the last academic session, the Govt ITI Bhubaneswar introduced four Smart Trades for the first time in Odisha to make students tap the latest career opportunities in job sector with IoT (Internet of Things) based curriculum.
IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions.
The Smart trades are: IoT Technician Smart Agriculture, IoT Technician Smart City, IoT Technician Smart Healthcare and Smart Phone Technician-cum-Application Tester.