Why People Want Online Chats?

The online communication has changed the way to do real-time chat with each other. This factor can be contributed towards doing chat over the proliferated platforms such as social media messaging and facilities available to do one-to-one communication as well as online networking sites. Practically, everybody is using some sort of device all the time and do send as well as receive messages with no delay at all. One prominent issue of these online chats, such as nude cams, are easy to access on real-life communication.


In the United States, a survey has carried out by Common Sense Media on a thousand teenagers for the habits of getting attracted to online chatting habits and comes up with some amazing results. They observed that 63 percent of teenagers between 13 to 17 percent prefer to talk with their friends over smartphones or through social media platforms rather than going for real-time chats. It has also found that 56 percent of teenagers like to remain on social sites and chat websites with the people they know.

Addiction to Internet

The statistics for the survey seem moderate, as most of them seem to be on the web chatting with the known persons as well as strangers too. Probably, they feel it easy to share thoughts and ideas online rather than in the real world.

With the live chat services, they can talk with other people and share the wildest as well as normal viewpoints. Here, their friends over the internet become the real ones and their “real-life” friends are also hooked on the internet.

A few causes of online chatting

There are numerous reasons behind online chatting rather than interacting face to face. Their online relations and friendships are growing at a fast pace, that place their real-time friends in the alley. This will be surprising to explore some causes that may be brought up in this situation.

  • Relaxed Mindset: This creates a very comfortable environment to chat with online friends on any topic while sitting at home or any other relaxed place.
  • Unreserved Chatting: In the real world, some people are so conscious of the indiscreet chats being misquoted but online chats seem safe to them. There is no pressure on them while doing chat over the web. They ever think twice during online chatting and they are uneasy what to say and whatnot.
  • No control over facial expressions: Since people get conscious of the facial expressions and do not like to chat with real-time friends. They feel comfortable over online chatting and they can do random chats with anyone.
  • No pressure to chat: Most of the people are overawed by other persons with whom they are talking, which will disable them to do chat with such people. On the flip side, there is no pressure involved while doing online chats.
  • More thinking time: In reallife, people are less available to give responses and chat accordingly. Online chat allows a person to do chat easily with sufficient time to think as well as respond.

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