Why is my e-cig leaking?

A leaking e-cig device is a common problem experienced by a lot of vapers. If you’ve spent money on good quality e-juice then the last thing you want is it leaking out all over the place, damaging your device and wasting perfectly good flavourbelnds!

A leaky e-cig device is wasteful, and it result in sticky e-liquid ending up in unwanted places, like all over your clothes, hand or desk, or at the bottom of your handbag! It’s surprisingly difficult to clean, especially sugary formulations and can attract ants or caramelise in heat and become almost impossible to remove. Undoubtedly, leaking e-cig devices can be the bane of every vaping enthusiast’s existence. There’s a lot of things  vaping users can do to prevent your e-cigarette from leaking, but the first step is to figure out why it’s leaking in the first place.

Why are you experiencing leaking?

There are quite a lot of reasons your e-cig might be leaking, luckily most problems are fairly easy to fix and easy enough to identify. Here are a few common issues that can arise:

Your tank is overfilled

One of the most obvious, and common reasons for an e-cig to leak is because the tank has been overfilled. Sometimes when people fill up their e-juice tanks, they accidentally put in more than recommended which causes the liquid to seep out of the tank and onto you or the other components of your device. A lot of vaping amateurs don’t know what the recommend fill level is, and might fill the tank all the way to the top – this is way too much. It’s usually the case that you should only fill to the top of the chimney because your device needs some air to create enough pressure to draw the e-liquid into the coil. You should always check the manufacturers recommendation though because every device is different and the recommend fill level will vary between brands.

Your tank is too loose

If you haven’t tightened your tank enough then you’re going to experience problems with leakage as there’ll be space for e-liquid to seep out. Some users will leave their tank to loose after refilling or cleaning out components. Your e-cig’s tank should be tight and well-sealed; you’ll be able to tell if it’s sealed properly when the seal threads all match up. If they’re sitting a little bit off kilter then you’ll probably experience a bit of leaking.

You’ve over-tightened the tank

Conversely, a tank that’s been over-tightened will likely leak just as badly as a loose one. Over ding it when screwing in your tank will only damage your e-cigarette device, you might push it too far and break the seals which will make it easy for e-juice to leak out. A good, tight twist is necessary, but you shouldn’t need to use force or twist as tightly as you can.

You have a broken tank

E-cigarettes are surprisingly strong devices, but they’re not invulnerable. They’re made of materials that are vulnerable to being cracked or broken. If you’ve dropped your e-cig or left it rolling around in your car, shoved it in your handbag or just generally left it unprotected and jostled it around, then there’s a chance that some damage might have occurred. If you’ve started to experience leakage then it’s possible your tank isn’t holding liquid properly because it has been damaged in some way – if this is the case then it might be time to consider a replacement tank.

Finding and fixing a leakage problem can take a bit of investigation, but it’s usually a simple fix.

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