Why Is GMAT Coaching Necessary?

Know All About GMAT Classes, Preparation and Examination

One of the most popular post-graduate tests globally, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), is an essential admission criterion for any college application for a business school. This multiple-choice examination is computer-based and is developed under the guidelines of GMAC to allow business schools to pick the right applicants based on their competence and preparation for post-graduate level of work and studies.

For a complete application process to any business school, the top factors taken into consideration include your GMAT score, your past records, work experience if any, other necessary materials required for an MBA.

The GMAT exam covers topics including algebra, multisource data analysis, arithmetic, geometry, grammar as well as your critical thinking, problem-solving and writing capabilities. There are four separate sections on the exam that are first individually scored and then, a combined score based on their average is generated to give you the final GMAT score.

GMAT Examination Format

The four different sections on the GMAT exam include the following-

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section has 36 different questions around the topics of reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning, and a maximum time of 65-minutes is allotted for completion. The main idea is to understand your capability to read different written materials and your command of the standard written English language.

Integrated Reasoning

The integrated reasoning section has 12 different questions, that each requires an in-depth analysis of different materials that include graphics, tables, parts, sub-parts, etc. A maximum of 30-minutes is allotted to complete this section with the main idea of evaluating your analysis ability.

Analytical Writing Assignment

The writing assignment has only one question and a time limit of 30-minutes for completion. In this particular section, you need to put your critical thinking and communication skills to use by preparing a valid and accurate argumentative analysis of the given situation in the exam.

Quantitative Reasoning

Lastly, the quantitative reasoning section has 31 different questions to test your problem-solving and data sufficiency abilities in a timeframe of 62-minutes. You have to ensure you support your conclusions with strong reasoning and analysis to score well.

Why is GMAT Coaching Popular In India?

Given the popularity of GMAT exam all over the world, it is only fair that the world has finally acknowledged the need for proper professional GMAT coaching classes. This is because everyone today needs to work on their weaknesses and focus individually on each of the four different sections on the exam to ace it in a lesser number of attempts. Some of the important benefits of GMAT coaching classes include the following.

Tips and Tricks

One main reason why students choose GMAT coaching classes is to have the right medium to learn and clear concepts that are graded on the test for a higher score. Additionally, along with clarity on concepts and format, GMAT coaching classes also offer quick tips and tricks to speed up learning and help set a schedule for you, as per your learning pace.


The number and variety of books and other supporting materials available for the GMAT exam are far too many. Thus, knowing which one to pick as per your level of understanding can be difficult. With the help of coaches from GMAT coaching classes, you can get the required guidance as to which books and other materials to invest your time in energy and to get a better overall GMAT score while understanding your weaknesses effectively.

Routine Maintenance

Another added advantage of enrolling in GMAT coaching classes is getting the right direction to fix a dedicated routine to give the necessary time to learn the different concepts that are tested on the GMAT exam. This is not possible without proper coaching as the number of distractions available is far too many and so choosing to go for GMAT coaching classes is the right decision.


Online Option

One of the most important reasons why GMAT coaching is more popular today than ever before is its availability both online and offline. The pandemic pushed all classes online and so GMAT coaching classes also increased their supply on different online portals to allow maximum student participation and interaction. This increased convenience makes it highly beneficial for both the students and the teachers.

Benefits of Online GMAT Classes

The concept of online classes has been around for a long while now, however, the popularity and dependence on online classes peeked due to the global pandemic. This increase directly impacted the adoption of online GMAT classes and the top benefits of the same include the following-


One major advantage of online GMAT classes is the cost-effectiveness as traditional coaching centres charge a higher fee in comparison to online classes. Additionally, as there would be no commuting costs attached, the overall expenditure on GMAT classes will go down, making it an easier investment in your pocket.

Better Focus and Attention

Entrance and examination tests like GMAT require dedicated focus and attention from the teachers as well as from the students. This is because students need to have the patience for learning and tolerance for failures to come out stronger and perform better at the GMAT exam.

Increased Flexibility and Convenience

Another important advantage of online GMAT classes is the convenience and flexibility attached. Given how you can choose the timings for the classes as per your convenience and you can also sit at home and attend the classes, it is a win-win situation for you in every aspect.


Lastly, as the format of traditional GMAT coaching classes is a little different from online GMAT classes, you can pick the number of students you wish to attend the class with or choose individual guidance instead. This allows a more personalized approach to the online GMAT classes, focusing on your pace of learning and your understanding ability alone.

Where to Find the Best GMAT Classes Online?

Now that you are aware of the different advantages of GMAT classes, both offline and online, let us discuss where you can find the best GMAT classes as per your needs and requirements. The Internet has been the biggest blessing in reaching out to people globally, whether it be family, friends, colleagues, etc., all with just a few clicks. Similarly, there are multiple digital platforms available to connect with GMAT coaches and find the right GMAT classes from the convenience of your home.

One such central platform is Superprof that bridges the gap between potential teachers and GMAT aspirants by allowing them a stage to interact. All you need to do is sign up and feel in your details to create your student profile before you can start exploring the different types of GMAT classes available, not only in your city or state but on a global level.

To conclude, there are ample reasons why you should choose to attempt the GMAT exam at least once, the biggest one being a better chance of securing a spot in your choice of MBA college or university. Moreover, now with the availability of a variety of online GMAT classes, you do not have to move from one place to another in order to get the right guidance and education regarding GMAT. So, sign up with Superprof today and begin your GMAT classes right away.

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