Which is the best marketing platform?

When it comes to marketing your brand or business, there are a number of social media platforms you can choose from, and one of the best things about social media is that it is not bound by geographical restrictions anymore, and you can access and target audiences all around the world. Now, there are a number of social media platforms you can promote and advertise your brand, from Twitter to YouTube to Instagram to Facebook to even Spotify, the list is endless. But based on the monthly active users, Facebook and YouTube take the place of giving you the opportunity of gaining the highest possible reach for your brand. It is already clear that if you are comparing video marketing techniques and which one is better suited for your brand, you would be more into creating videos and video marketing. If you are someone who creates a lot of marketing videos, then YouTube is your best bet.

But coming to the question in hand, which is the best marketing platform between YouTube and Facebook?

Markets on YouTube showing more productive results as compared to Facebook video ads.

Facebook as a social media platform has quite a number of active users, but the numbers are not very impressive when compared to YouTube. Facebook marketers who have created and published video content, have found only about eighty seven percent of it to be useful and effective. While when coming to YouTube as a social media platform, this platform has the love of every marketer mainly because this platform not only allows them to spread more awareness about their brand and the products and services they have to offer, but it also instigates the consumers, or even the potential consumers to purchase the product. According to the marketers who created and published the videos on the social media platform, they found out that about ninety percent of it to be useful and effective.

Marketers on the number of views on both the social media platforms.

When it comes to the number of views, YouTube as a social media platform wins hands down, the gain in  number of views on Youtube is incredulous, and the best thing is that the marketer is paid per view he/she receives on the video he creates and publishes. That does not mean that Facebook is far behind, it is in fact catching up because a study in the year 2020 showed that Facebook was indeed catching up with the YouTube video views. YouTube as a social media platform also gains a lot more views because of the fact that the content which is put out on the social media platform is to make sure that the screen time of the user increases and the engagement between the platform and the user increases.

Coming to the user behavior when it comes to YouTube and Facebook.

When a user logs in on to Facebook, the user is mentally prepared to just scroll through a few memes and photos, or respond back to the comments or the tags the user has. But when it comes to a video, unless the video is catchy or it has something extremely interesting or it is a video that is based on the current trends, unless it is any one of the above, the user is not going to click on it to watch it, unless he or she is tagged on it or the video was sent by a friend. If the user is caught completely off guard when a video plays, the user will probably scroll past it or even save it to watch it at a later time period, the chances of the user actually watching it is quite less.  But when it comes to YouTube, the user is already prepared and ready to watch a video, and the user knows for a fact that they are going to be watching a video or two or even more, and they would be having the necessary earphones, or even headphones along with them to hear the audio of the video. Every YouTube view on every video is actually counted and calculated after the user spends more than thirty seconds on the video that is being played.

So, if you are a digital marketer or someone who wants to be using these social media platforms as a part of your marketing strategy, that is actually advisable, but if you are someone who creates video marketing content, YouTube is one of the best options and if you are the one who posts regularly then Facebook is the right choice to widen your reach to your audience and to add it in your marketing strategy. 


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