When Aastha Gill’s Voice ‘Buzzed’ In Odisha

By Roy

Having killed it with her performance for the third time in Odisha, the singing sensation Aastha Gill has taken all the love from her audience. In the recently held Chatrapur Fest, Aastha, who had set the hearts on ‘Buzz’, shares few interesting titbits about her musical life.

Speaking about her Odisha tour, she says, “Odisha has always been dear to heart and it is a treat performing here. In past, I have performed two times here and would love more to be welcomed in future.”

A graduate in Journalism, Aastha made her way into the strings of music universe with ‘Dhup Chik’ from the movie ‘Fugly’, followed by ‘Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai’ from ‘Khoobsurat’. She stole the limelight with ‘DJ Waale Babu’ sung and performed along Badshah.

It was not very old when all were humming to the tune of the song ‘Buzz’ and Aastha has come up with another hit called ‘Naagin’. Being the face of such singles she says, “Although I cannot act in front of the camera, but yes, alongside playback singing, I do love to perform, dance, record my songs in that way. I feel that in that way people connect more with you. They get to know who you are. This scene of independent music is giving us the opportunity to come out and project our art even more freely.”

“It’s a good thing that all the music labels, artists and others are supporting independent music. I feel lucky to be active in this era,” she adds.

Her latest single ‘Naagin’ has got some interesting kinds of stuff that Aastha narrates with us, “When you are working with Vayu, then it’s a surprise package. You cannot predict what is coming up in the lyrics. He writes things so differently, that will never cross your mind. And another most interesting thing is me and Akasa Singh featuring together in this song. We both have the same kind of journey, struggle stories, and similar thought processes that have bonded us together in a great friendship.”

The digital platform and independent music are ruling the period now. This progress of time calls for new brains, new energies, and new horizons to conquer.

Few more days for 2019 to get over, and as buzzed by Aastha, the beginning of 2020 is going to be her treat of hits to begin with.

“Never let the dreams leave your heart. Be passionate about the goal you desire for and don’t get afraid of the losing and winning game,” says Aastha.

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