What Future Holds for the Fantasy Sports in India?

The popularity of fantasy sports in India is increasing day by day. This particular sport has turned out to be more lucrative than ever before. The level of fascination for this online gaming is evident from its huge fan base. There are around 33 million fantasy sports players in India. Thus, it is clearly visible that fantasy sport has become a huge phenomenon in the country and is likely to grow at a rapid speed with time and technology advancement. Hence, there is no denying the fact that fantasy sports have gained prominence as being one of the favored gaming among sports lovers.

 Fantasy sports in India

The growth of fantasy sports in India over the past few years has been stupendous. The statistics reveal quite positive values. Numerous fantasy sports apps with add-on features have been launched. This has resulted in intense competition in the market and also led to the debut of several prominent leagues for different sports niches such as ICC fantasy cricket league, ISL football league, Pro Kabaddi2 league, and the Indian Badminton League. In addition to it, the growth in viewership, merchandising, advertisements, and fan clubs clearly indicates the rise in popularity of fantasy sports in India.

 Future of fantasy sports in India 

Considering the growth statistics India is going to be the next hot spot for fantasy sports. Since the enthusiasm for sports in the country is increasing day by day, people need more connected ways to engage themselves in their favorite sports. Most of the fantasy sports players are basically the sports lovers; by resorting to these virtual online games they are able to stay updated and aware of their favorite games and players.

As per the researches, the fantasy sports players are rising by 30-50 percent every year. Moreover, in the next four years, the fan base is likely to cross 500 million users. This growth can be contributed to the constant rise in internet usage amongst Indian youths. However, with more technology innovation with time the trend for fantasy sports is expected to increase by manifolds.

Furthermore, this online virtual gaming has also been legalized by the Supreme Court of India. It has been officially recognized as a game of skills rather than a game of luck. As per Indian laws, the game is legit and does not face any prohibitions under the Gaming Enactments. Therefore, owning to the lawfulness and authenticity of game Indian masses are favoring the game with full fervor.

Thus, if we look at the potential growth of fantasy sports in India then undoubtedly it is on a peak. And owing to this tremendous growth Indian can be an attractive destination for fantasy sports operators. Especially, fantasy cricket holds a good growth track record. The popular cricket leagues such as IPL and ICC leagues have driven the popularity of fantasy cricket. Thus, with all these favorable opportunities India is an obvious destination for fantasy sports.