What do New Generation do Online? A Breakdown of Internet Users

The Internet is a vast platform that provides users the convenience of using it for diverse purposes. Playing video games, using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are only some of the many things they do. However, sources suggest that nearly 80% of Indians use the Internet minimum of once a year for gambling purposes. In fact, the gamblers in India are mostly within the age range of 20 years to 45 years. With such high statistics, it is safe to say that gambling also constitutes for a large chunk of the Internet. Let us learn more about it as we read!


Gambling Platforms- The Largest Contributor To Internet Use In India


The gambling industry has seen a growth of over 23% in the past year. But there are many other reasons why you should choose to play on online gambling websites. The wide range of exciting bonuses, excellent customer support and a range of flexible payment options are some main reasons why gambling platforms contribute to the largest Internet use in India. If you are also interested in learning about online gambling or becoming an online gambler soon, click here now.


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How To Choose A Good Website For Online Gambling In India?

·       License

It is essential to check if you have chosen a website that is licensed. The license must be provided by a regulatory body. In case the gambling site that you have selected for yourself is not authorised, it is best to choose another. This indicates that the site cannot be trusted and might have a risk of fraudulence in the long run.

·       Provision Of Games

Any potential gambling site must offer you the convenience to choose from a plathora of games. As such, search for the games you are passionate about. Then, select one and enjoy the gaming experience. It is wise to keep other options ready so that you never feel the need to move to another website to find different games.

·       Customer Reviews

Keep a check on the reviews that the site presents. The most important reviews will have both good and bad reviews that are honest towards customers. These reviews will help you get an idea about the features that may be lacking in your chosen website. They could also make you aware of the best features that you didn’t know about.


Other Contributing Factors To The Massive Internet Use In India


1. Social Media

In recent research it was found that between 2020 to 2021, there was a growth of nearly 78 million users on social media. Sources also suggest that there were as many as 446 million users of social media in India last year. Amidst these statistics, WhatsApp managed to gain the highest number of social media users with an average of 530 million users last year.


Similarly, Facebook ranked the third most used app by Indians on the Internet. In the recent times, even Instagram has become highly popular in India due to the exciting reels and other visuals one can enjoy here. YouTube is also growing in popularity with an average market share percentage of 10.89%. So, it is safe to say that social media highly contributes to the Indian Internet use.


2. OTT Platforms

As the focus shifts from traditional television to digital, OTT platforms have started gaining fame in India as well. Sources suggest that Hotstar has become India’s best OTT platform with nearly 300 million active users last year. However, the app also has had nearly 350 million downloads in India last year. In total, the OTT industry in India is expected to make a whopping Rs. 46 billion this year.


3. Video Games

Back in 2019, the online gaming industry was estimated to make nearly Rs. 6,200 Crore in India. Later, experts thought that with the passage of the global pandemic, these statistics will also reduce as people will begin to invest time in more productive activities. Although the productivity has increased vigorously, people continue to use video games on the Internet. This is the reason why it continues to be among the top five gaming markets worldwide. In India, the number of online gamers has grown by almost 250 million to 400 million in 2020. One can expect more growth by 2025.

What Next?

Sources suggest that there are nearly 560 million Indian Internet users today. This Internet breakdown that we have listed above for you constitutes each of them. However, gambling as discussed above, makes for most of these users. If you are also looking to get started with online gambling, here’s what you can do.


      Sign up on a gambling website. Enter your personal information along with your bank details.

      Make a deposit once you sign up.

      Claim the bonuses that you get for signing up and make your deposit.

      Get into the gaming lobby and choose a game of your choice.

      Get started with the game and enjoy your online gambling experience.

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