Welfare of farmers and poor becomes priority amidst Corona pandemic: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal : Welfare of the farmers, labourers, destitute, poor and elderly people has always been in the topmost priorities of the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Even, while battling with the Corona pandemic, Shri Chouhan did not forget his priority towards them. During the last one and half month, an amount of Rs. 6526 crore was transferred in the bank accounts of the farmers, poor and needy persons. With this, the government’s assistance has reached the bank accounts of almost every needy family of the state. Shri Chouhan has proved the talk unreasonable, that was repeated for the last one year that the economic condition is not good and the coffer of the state is empty by executing the schemes successfully for the farmers, poor, elderly and needy people. At the same time, he has also proved that the welfare of the farmers and poor is his priority and no obstruction can stop the committed government in achieving its goal.

It may be mentioned that an amount of Rs. 2990 crore against crop insurance has been transferred by the state government in the bank accounts of 15 lakh farmers. Also, arrangement has been made to procure farmers’ produce at support price. During the initial 15 days of procurement, over 28 lakh MT wheat has been procured from 5 lakh 65 thousand farmers. An amount of about Rs. 2000 crore has already been paid to the farmers.

During the lockdown, initially Rs. One thousand in the bank accounts of 8 lakh 85 thousand labourers, registered under the Sannirman Karmkaar Mandal and later a sum of Rs. One thousand as additional assistance has been transferred. In this way, a total of Rs. 177 crore has been given to 8 lakh 85 thousand labourers registered under the Mandal.

Amidst the lockdown, a sum of Rs. 2 crore in proportion of Rs. One thousand per labourer has been transferred in the bank accounts of those 20 thousand labourers of the state, who were stuck in other states after the announcement of the lockdown. Similarly, to fulfill the immediate need of 7 thousand migrant labourers of 22 states, who came to work in Madhya Pradesh, a financial assistance of Rs. One thousand per labourer has been transferred in their bank accounts.

During the Corona pandemic, the state government has also deposited an amount of 562 crore in the bank accounts of 46 lakh people towards social security pension given to destitute, elderly and others. The payment for the next two months has been made under the social security pension, widow pension and destitute pension etc.

Moreover, an amount of Rs. 117 crore has been transferred under the Mid-Day Meal scheme in the bank accounts of parents of 60 lakh 81 thousand children pursuing studies in government primary schools and 26 lakh 68 thousand students studying in middle schools of the state. Likewise, a sum of Rs. 42 crore 3 lakh 8 thousand has been transferred in the accounts of 2 lakh 10 thousand cooks working under the Mid-day Meal scheme. Under the various scholarship schemes, an amount of Rs. 430 crore has been deposited in the bank accounts of 52 lakh students.

The state government has made available an amount of Rs. 29 crore 85 lakh to various Gou-Shalas for arrangement of wheat, gram and straw. With this initiative of the government, straw will be made available to 66 thousand cow progeny of the state through Gou-Shalas.

In order to ensure essential commodities during the lockdown in districts, keeping in view the local requirements, the state government has given an amount of Rs. 2 crore to each district to tackle Corona pandemic. This amount has been paid towards the relief camps and food arrangement etc. In addition, to ensure emergency arrangements in districts, an amount of Rs. One crore has been allocated to each district administration, so that the common man should not face problem of any kind. A total of Rs. 156 crore has been made available to the districts of the state.

Furthermore, an amount of Rs. 70 crore has been provided for provision of food, shelter etc. during the Corona lockdown for the migrant labourers, homeless and helpless people in rural areas. The State Government has also transferred two months advance financial assistance in the bank accounts of the members of the most backward tribes of the state i.e. Sahriya, Baiga and Bhariya tribes.