“We Are Aiming To Make A Diverse Platform For New-Age Artistes”- Rajiv John Sauson

By Roy
The Director of Photofit Technologies Rajiv John Sauson has had a deep involvement in music from his early days. “Since my childhood, I was very much involved in music. Music is my hobby, I play the guitar, keyboard and how I have been in touch with music always. While I was pursuing music simultaneously along with my profession, I met Suresh Ji, who suggested the idea to start a studio after seeing my keenness. We formed this company in Mumbai and started making videos. We are still on the way.”

He says, “My journey, I would say, just went on. Things just started coming on our way, we were discussing, we kept on implementing, and always targeted people who looked out for work. We don’t think too much and always give chance to others. We have had hard times as well. Like in the last song Fukrapanti, the shoot got stopped in the middle, there were some permission issues. There are also other challenges we have faced smooth and soft otherwise.”

Talking about his company, he informs, “The name ‘Photofit’ was Suresh Ji’s idea. It so happened during the lockdown, Suresh Ji was in Gujarat and I was in Delhi and we were too much into this conversation to start this music company. In hardly 2-3 days of long conversations regarding what to and how-to, we shortlisted few names, Suresh Ji came up with the name photofit. The name fits in so well because we are not only into Music, rather under the umbrella, we are building a group of companies. We are envisioning to make Photofit a place for the talents in search of a desirable platform.

For the newcomers, we are coming up with some strategies and we would be disclosing them very soon. It will be a kind of membership where you have an option to come for a photoshoot, dance studio, recording studio, lyrics writer can approach singers etc.
It will be a platform where all the musicians, singers, actors, choreographers, can come here from different places and can collaborate.

As of now, we are not doing any filters and we are open to anything and everything. But once we have enough content or data, then we could bring up this filter.”

Though Rajiv is into music he says that he isn’t a professional singer. “Even my Instagram has 2-3 videos only done in lockdown time,” says Rajiv. “When I was in Delhi doing my job as a digital marketer, I used to have a band and also played in clubs. However, at that time I realised that I can’t earn my bread and butter from music.”

Talking about further plans, he says, “There are lots of projects on the way. We are soon entering into feature films and more music videos. Soon we are also opening a new platform called sangeetduniya.com and we would be unveiling the details soon.”