Where Vulnerables are with Good Samaritan


Paralakhemundi: Joy of Giving(JOG)is their resources for Homeless particularly destitutes, disabled,homeless & single incomeless old persons.Started since 5th September 2016 at Paralakhemundi where Nihar Ranjan Panda is the Pioneer of JOG.He with like minded friends rejoined to support those vulnerable communities.A Techie who left comfort packages job & started JOG.His friends staying at USA & other abroads with Many such Samaritans are at his support.Mainly Physically Challenged who live alone,Widows who are deserted from family & such destitutes are getting their monthly rations to maintain their food security.More than 150 such persons are the key beneficiaries.Despite handy support Mr.Panda goes on his Mission to reach at their treatment & other supports.Even their children who join in the schools are also regularly monitored on monthly rations distribution time.To eradicate their dire poverty he has a keen support to wipe their tears.His accreditation to feel their utmost respect in society a Great Blessings of Disguise.Even deceased among such categories are reached to complete foŕmalities of last rites with the support of local Police.He with his friends more recently found such unclaimed deceased body & shouldered to graveyard to complete his last Rites with prior permission from Police.Mr.Panda is a figure at his blending youth never feel tired even enjoined as a platform to feed them from surplus foods of various feast on Marriage & other celebrations to distribute them to fill their cliff-hunger.Their team immediately reached by a call at those post-celebrations to bring with their own transport for feeding such vulnerable sections.A great surprise where everybody seeks his or her self security of good living & career building but such philanthropic gesture of Mr.Panda & team is a Great applause & accolades.

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