Volkswagen Motorsport Concludes its Ameo Cup 2019 Pre-Season Fitness Camp

Hyderabad: Volkswagen Motorsport organized a Pre-Season Fitness Camp on 18th and 19th May for its selected racers of the one-make series – Ameo Cup 2019. The series has its Round One scheduled in June at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. The fitness camp was organized to evaluate the fitness levels of the drivers and to guide them towards achieving the fitness levels needed for the race track. The two-day camp witnessed the drivers undergoing multiple sessions on posture correction, diet and nutrition. The training sessions were designed to enhance the performance of drivers with prehab and rehab training.

Day 1 started with fitness coaches Brent Wood Townend and Stuart Dolman’s counselling sessions. The duo conducted bio mechanics and basic conditioning tests of the racers along with Body Composition Analysis. After these tests, the drivers received demonstration on the basics of Calisthenics which would help them achieve both fitness and grace of movement for the season.

Day 2 witnessed interactive sessions with Prehab 21 on rehab training and postural correction techniques. Prehab teaches racers how to proactively prevent injuries and keep their neck, core and wrists safe. Prehab was followed by a yoga session and a Technique and Form Correction session by an IFBB Pro Gold Medalist and Power Lifter Tejaswini Pandit.

Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, “Motorsport is an extremely demanding sport, both physical and mentally. To cope with the rigours of the sport, the racers need a high level of preparedness and focus. We have an excellent collaboration with MultiFit, which is a renowned health and fitness studio. We wanted our racers to learn from the experts at MultiFit and apply the learnings of the two days over the course of their upcoming racing season.” He added, “The 2019 season will be another inspiring and captivating season for us. Entering the 10th year of Volkswagen Motorsport in India is a huge milestone for us. I am looking forward to a very exciting season with the current crop of Ameo Cup racers, and in watching Dhruv Mohite, our 2018 champion, take on the grid in the ITC championship.”