Virtual Tour to State Tribal Museum: Chukutia Bhunjia-A Particularly Vulnerable Tribe of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha State Tribal Museum goes virtual. As a new initiative during COVID-19, ST & SC Development Department intends to reach out a wider audience to showcase the exclusive tribal artifacts, habitats and unique aspects of the Tribal Museum.
Today visitors can see the lifestyle and culture of Chukutia Bhunjia-A Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group of Odisha by opening the pages @stscdev and @scstrti on Twitter and Facebook.
The Chuktia Bhunjia community inhabits the hill region with good forest cover in the vicinity of Sunabeda plateau located in Nuapada district. They are well known for their typical house construction and a detached kitchen that is associated
with cultural and religious taboos and beliefs. The house is made up of wooden posts plastered with mud. A verandah runs along the length of the house.
The supreme deity of Chukutia Bhunjia is known as Suna Dei. Many fairs and festivals are observed by the Chukutia Bhunjia, among which the celebrations on the occasion of Dussera and shifting cultivation are important.
Bhunjia tribe is divided into two sub groups – Chukutia Bhunjia and Chind Bhunjia. The former represents the particularly vulnerable tribal group while the later is believed to be the mixed descendants of ‘Holva’ and ‘Gond’. The women use necklace made of beads and coins, brass and glass bangles, anklets and ear-rings made of either Aluminum or Silver. The women folk comb their hair into massive bun at the back of the head by using bulky tassel and fixing pin it to keep the bun in position. Over generations, women beautify their arms and hands with tattoo
marks of different designs. Their language is Dravidian. They speak a mixed dialect of Baiga and Chhatishgarhi. Bead Necklace making is their occupation. Their livelihood depends on agriculture and forest produce gathering.