Virat Kohli joins Duroflex as brand ambassador to promote the importance of sleep for a long and healthy life!

Ace Cricketer Virat Kohli; flanked by (L-R) Mathew Chandy, CMD, Duroflex & Mohanraj, CEO, Duroflex; at a press conference organised to announce Virat Kohli as the new Brand Ambassador of Duroflex, India’s Leading Sleep Solutions Company; at Taj Krishna, today.

Hyderabad Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions provider, has combined forces with cricket icon, Virat Kohli to further their mission of advocating the significance of quality sleep in fostering a long healthy life. Virat Kohli’s strong alignment with the brand’s mission has led him to take on the role of brand ambassador for Duroflex. This powerful collaboration is poised to transform the conversation around the vital role of quality sleep in enhancing overall well-being, driving home the message to a broader audience.

Teaming up with Virat Kohli, Duroflex is poised to revolutionize the conversation around quality sleep and its indispensable role in optimal health. This collaboration will showcase Duroflex’s unflinching commitment to spreading awareness about the link between quality sleep and a healthier, more fulfilling life. As a prominent figure in the world of sports and fitness, Virat Kohli’s association with Duroflex is expected to amplify the message of quality sleep to a wider audience, inspiring individuals to prioritize their sleep for a healthier tomorrow. The announcement was made at a press conference, where Mathew Chandy, CMD, Duroflex and Sleep Evangelist, and Mohanraj J., CEO, Duroflex were also present.

We sell through own stores, franchise stores and online. Even before Covid we began the online or Direct to consumer business, which was initially just a fraction of our entire business, today it contributes more than 30% of our business. We have our own stores, which are 60 in number and planning to take them to 100 in the next one-year time. Apart from that we also operate through exclusive brand stores, which only deal with our products, it is franchise owned franchise operated, that we should be touching one thousand very shortly and have around five thousand multi-brand stores stocking our products, says Mohanraj J. Ten years ago we were a marginal player, today we are a clear number two and in South we are clear number one.

The industry is growing at 6% to 8%, we have been growing at a 20% to 25% year on year, we want to continue doing that. The total market size is approximately 14000 to 15000 crs., organised sector is approximately 40% of it, we have 18% to 20% market share, says Mathew Chandy. There is no rush for us to go Public now, we would like to go public after we touch 2000 crs, that would be in three years from now.

With the #GreatSleepGreatHealth, Duroflex aims to own the narrative and start deeper conversations around sleep as a fundamental necessity to healthy life and lifestyle. The brand has always been passionate about sleep and presented facts and research, stating its link to good health. The brand narrative has been elevated to prioritize sleep not just as a refreshing exercise, but as an important aspect of overall well-being. Virat Kohli, a fitness enthusiast and professional athlete, understands the importance of sleep for healthy life. He prioritizes sleep in his daily routine, recognizing its significant impact on his health and overall performance as a sportsman.

Sharing his thoughts on becoming the face of Duroflex, Virat Kohli said “As a professional athlete, I understand the importance of sleep and recovery in maintaining peak physical and mental health. I strongly believe prioritizing good quality sleep can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life in your career as well as with your loved ones. It is not just about getting enough hours of rest, but also about the quality of sleep one gets. I ensure I get deep restorative sleep. I always tell the guys that you need to sleep at a certain time and make sure you get a number of hours of sleep every night, then your body responds to what you do training wise and what you eat. But sleep is the most important thing. I realised this quite early, that if I was sleeping well and I also sleep for long periods, that really helps me to recover really well more than anything else. That I feel is the most important aspect for both physical health and mental health. Taking a nap during the day is not possible when you are playing ODI or Test cricket, there is no room for me to have naps through the day. Now I play 20-20 in the evening, so started taking a nap in the afternoons, that helped me so much, it’s like a reset in the middle of the day and then you wake up feeling fresh and brimming with energy. It helps me to perform better, recover better, energy levels are going to be sustained so that chances of injuries wane, that way I understood the magnitude of benefits and it was very easy for me to get into that routine. We go to sleep early, go to bed by 9.30 or 9.45 pm max. Duroflex’s commitment to promoting the importance of quality sleep for a longer, healthier life aligns with my personal beliefs. Becoming the face of the brand was a natural decision for me as I believe in the brand’s mission. I am excited to bring a new dimension to the brand and drive its message of sleeping better for a long, healthy, and enhanced quality of life. “

At the conference, Virat Kohli also launched Duroflex’s latest innovative offering, Neuma, India’s first ever firmness adjustable mattress. This tech-enabled mattress lets an individual adjust its firmness to multiple levels of comfort, personalizing the mattress to various sleep patterns, body postures, and health. Neuma is scientifically designed to activate deep restorative sleep by creating a personal sleep experience, helping every sleeper personalize their sleep. With this product, Duroflex aims to take the sleep solutions market in India to the next level.

Mohanraj J., CEO, Duroflex commented “As a brand with a long legacy and a leading position in the sleep solutions market, we, at Duroflex, are committed to taking our mission of driving the importance of good sleep to new heights. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Virat Kohli, who shares our passion for the importance of sleep. His is the perfect voice to help us carry this mission forward. With the launch of our new product NEUMA, we are solidifying our promise to help India sleep better. Duroflex is excited for the journey ahead and is committed to providing innovative and effective sleep solutions to our customers while driving conversations around the role of sleep.”

Mathew Chandy, CMD, Duroflex and Sleep Evangelist shared“At Duroflex, we firmly believe that good quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy and fulfilling life. However, many of us tend to overlook the importance of sleep and its significance for our mental and physical well-being. We are delighted to have Virat Kohli as our partner in our mission to promote the importance of good sleep. Virat is the perfect ambassador for this cause, given his disciplined and healthy lifestyle. He truly resonates with our brand’s mission of helping India sleep better for a fulfilling life. Together, we hope to create a conversation around the importance of good sleep and empower individuals to make sleep a priority for better health and wellbeing.”

Duroflex has been helping the people of India sleep better and healthier for 60 years now. Founded in 1963, the company has come a long way in terms of innovation and leadership in the sleep solutions industry. It has been a pioneering force in the Indian market, catering to all consumer needs in the sleep space. The brand’s mission is not limited to selling sleep solutions but goes beyond that.

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