VIEWS Hosts Workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Gopalpur – VIEWS, a grassroots non-profit organisation in Odisha, successfully conducted a workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction at Hill View Cottage in Gopalpur, Ganjam, on June 3, 2023.
With support from the Global Greengrant Fund (GGF) USA, VIEWS aimed to make a significant impact on the youth residing in coastal areas. The workshop provided an excellent platform for participants to engage in valuable discussions and gain crucial insights into climate change and disaster risk reduction.
The workshop featured a distinguished panel of speakers from various backgrounds. Among them were Prof. Anjan Kumar Prusty from Berhampur University, Dr. Jacob Thundyil, Director of PREM, Mr. S.K. Moorthy, a Scientist from the India Meteorological Department in Gopalpur on sea, Mr. Lokanath Misra, Founder of ARUNA, Prof. Ram Prasad Panda, Principal of Gopalpur College, Mr. Bibhu Prasad Sahu, Secretary of YSD, Mr. Rabindranath Patra, Founder of ISARA, Dr. Kumar Prasant, Director of VICALP, and Mr. Biswa Swarup Das from Dakshin Foundation.
The workshop covered a range of important topics related to climate change. These topics included providing a basic understanding of climate change, discussing the specific climate change issues and challenges faced in Ganjam, highlighting the benefits of forecasting for the local community, examining the connection between climate change and migration, exploring the impact of climate change on marine fishing communities, emphasizing the role of youth in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, analysing the impact of climate change on water resources and livelihoods, and discussing the importance of community participation in climate change and disaster risk reduction action.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jacob Thundyil, Director, PREM, said, “Climate change is not just a distant threat; it is already knocking on our doors, and we must heed its call. In Ganjam, we face unique challenges that demand our immediate attention and action. I urge everyone to join hands and confront these issues head-on. Let us not be passive spectators but active change-makers, as we strive to safeguard our environment for generations to come.”
In his speech, Prof. Anjan Kumar Prusty, Berhampur University, said, “Knowledge is the foundation upon which we can build a sustainable future in the face of climate change. We must strive to understand the basics of the complexities surrounding this global challenge. Let us embrace the power of education and awareness to drive meaningful action. Together, we can unlock the solutions that will safeguard our planet and forge a better tomorrow for generations to come.”
Climate change remains a critical global concern, with vulnerable communities along Odisha’s coastal regions being particularly affected. VIEWS firmly believes in the transformative power of education and awareness in fostering positive change. By organising this workshop, VIEWS sought to raise awareness and promote the significance of climate change mitigation and disaster risk reduction.
During the interaction with experts, youth from 20 fishing communities in various villages have expressed that the depletion of fish is a significant issue they are currently facing due to the impact of climate change.
Attendees greatly benefited from a diverse range of sessions and interactive activities specifically designed to enhance their understanding of climate change and its impact on their communities. Knowledgeable experts facilitated discussions on sustainable practices, disaster preparedness, and effective strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change.
Since 2008, VIEWS has been an active grassroots organisation, empowering marginalised communities in Odisha, with a special emphasis on women and girls. Through impactful projects focused on livelihood, education, health, climate change, and disaster management, VIEWS enables communities to enhance their quality of life and become catalysts for positive change.

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