Vedanta kick-starts a novel community and employee engagement program in Lanjigarh


Lanjigarh: Vedanta’s alumina business’ newly appointed CEO Mr. Rahul Sharma, hosted a couple of never-before-seen get-togethers in Lanjigarh for Vedanta’s local employees staff along with their families, community members and OISF (Odisha Industrial Security Force) personnel deployed in the plant. It was conceptualized as part of the company’s new innovative engagement programme.

The first day saw the CEO hosting the families of the employees from Kalahandi and Rayagada districts, while on the second day he hosted the OISF staff at the plant. The event on day one focused on showcasing to their families how these employees had become success stories within the unit, excelling in their profiles in a short time, handling important profiles and projects with great competence. They were lauded as the pride of not just their families but also that of the Vedanta family.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO – Alumina Business, Vedanta Ltd said, “We expect this initiative to pave the way for a two-way connect and establish a deeper bond between the company and our employees. This programme is yet another manifestation of the company’s overall ethos that recognises inclusion and a sense of belongingness as natural extensions of its culture. We want all members of our extended family to know we are here to acknowledge their support to Vedanta and thank them for making Vedanta a part of their family. We are also keen to hear what we can do better for their sons, daughters, siblings and spouses working with us.”

Mr. Sharma personally met over a hundred guests. Conversations revolved around the development that Kalahandi witnessed over the last 14 years since Vedanta set up its plant in the region and sharing of anecdotes by the guests. They also discussed how the community benefitted from the opportunities that were created by Vedanta’s presence and how it has transformed the region. Most importantly, as everyone agreed, the development paved the way for a better future for the children of the region and it continues to drive the local economy.

Vedanta feels that with the changing demographic profiles, it is important to embrace the diversity and individuality of all those who are associated with the company in ways that will allow people to feel valued. With this programme, Vedanta is hopeful to get an insight into people’s unsaid expectations.


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