Various Initiatives Taken by Government to Prevent Road Accidents: Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi : The Ministry has formulated a multi-pronged strategy to address the issue of road safety based on Education, Engineering (both of roads and vehicles), Enforcement and Emergency Care. Accordingly, various initiatives have been taken by the Ministry as detailed below :-


  1. Education:
  1. The Ministry implements a scheme for undertaking publicity measures and awareness campaigns on road safety to create awareness among road users through the electronic media, print media, NGOs etc. Total 714 work orders issued to various NGOs from 2018-19 to 20202021.
  2. Observance of National Road Safety Month/Week every year for spreading awareness and strengthening road safety.
  3. A Certification Course for Road Safety Auditors has been commenced in Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE).
  1. Engineering (both of Roads and vehicles)

•     Road engineering:

  1. High priority to identification and rectification of black spots (accident prone spots) on national highways. Ministry has identified 5803 black spots on National Highways based on accident and fatality data of year 2015-2018 in 30 states/UTs. Out of 5803 Black spots, temporary measures have been taken on 5366 black spots and 3215 Black spots have been permanently rectified.
  2. Road safety has been made an integral part of road design at planning stage.
  3. Ministry has delegated powers to Regional Officers of MORTH for technical approval to the detailed estimates for rectification of identified Road Accident black spots.
  4. Guidelines for pedestrian facilities on National Highways for persons with disabilities have also been issued to all States / UTs.

•     Vehicle engineering:

  1. Safety standards for automobiles have been improved in respect of Airbags, Anti-Breaking System (ABS), Tyres, Crash test, Whole Vehicle Safety Conformity of Production (WVSCoP) etc.
  2. Ministry has notified fitment of Speed Limiting devices on all transport vehicles.
  3. Scheme for setting up one model Inspection & Certification Centre in each State/UT with Central assistance for testing the fitness of vehicles through an automated system.
  1. Enforcement
    1. The recently passed motor vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 provides for strict enforcement through use of technology and further provides for strict penalties for ensuring strict compliance and enhancing deterrence for violation of traffic rules.
    2. Issue of Guidelines for protection of Good Samaritans and draft rules as per MV (Amendment) Act, 2019 has been published.
  2. Emergency care:
    1. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 provides for a scheme for the cashless treatment of victims of the accident during the golden hour.
    2. The National Highways Authority of India has made provisions for ambulances at all toll plazas on the completed corridor of National Highways.
    3. Further, out of this, 297 ambulances have been upgraded to Basic Life Support as per AIS125 and upgradation for the remaining is under process.


This information was given by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

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