Vaccination drive for contract labour at NTPC Kaniha 

Talcher:  NTPC Talcher Kaniha organized a Covid vaccination camp on 31.05.2021 for its contract labour in the age group of 45 years and above. On this occasion, 130 beneficiaries were vaccinated and the remaining will be vaccinated in due course of time. The vaccination drive will provide much needed blanket coverage to the contract workers from the highly infectious COVID-19.

During the drive, all the safety protocols were followed including social distancing, hand sanitisation, etc. People were directed about all the procedures and precautions to be followed at every step.

NTPC Talcher Kaniha earlier joined the nationwide vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by vaccinating its employees and their dependents who were above 45 years in age. NTPC Kaniha is strongly committed to the reduction and prevention of COVID19 and is proactively taking all necessary steps to combat it.

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