“Vaccination centers not to be established in hotels”- says Himachal Health Department

Vaccine injection. Syringe with medicine in the hands of a doctor in blue gloves. Prophylaxis and treatment of infectious and viral diseases. Inoculation against influenza. Vaccination against rabies.

A spokesperson of Health department informed here today that vaccination being one of most successful tool for prevention against the COVID-19 disease, a robust strategy regarding vaccination has been put in place by the State government. However it has come to the notice that in some parts of the country, some private hospitals are giving package for Covid vaccination in collaboration with hotels, which is against the guidelines issued under the National Covid Vaccination Program.

He said that Government of India has directed the States to ensure to follow the Covid vaccination guidelines strictly. He informed that the vaccination for Covid-19 is being allowed in Himachal Pradesh only in the Government Covid Vaccination Centers, private Covid vaccination centers run by private hospitals, Work place Covid vaccination centers and recently Near to Home Covid Vaccination Centres as per the guidelines of Central Government.

He added that the Government of India has asked the States that if vaccination is carried out in hotels or any other site which is not defined under the guidelines, legal and administrative action may be initiated against the organizers.