Utkalika Corporate Fair inaugurated at Odisha Bhawan,New Delhi

New Delhi: Odisha is full of artistic hands of different crafts since time immemorial which has created its separate entity in India as well as in world. Both the artisans & weavers of Odisha have put their magical art of thought in creating excellent handicraft & handloom product which is unique.

The products of the artistic crafts has pulled wide range of customers /buyers in both national and international market.ln order to facilitate marketing support to the artisans and weavers Odisha state Co-opeerative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd styled as UTKALIKA was established in 1959 by GOO. It has its branches all over the country. Different handicraft items like stonecarving, woodcrafts, applique,palmleaf, pattachitra, silver filigree,dhokra works, tribal jewellery,metal crafts etc are prominent.

ln art loom kotpad fabrics, tassar and ptta painting sarees,hand crafted stolls,etc are major items. To provide a solid and sustainable platform for the marketing of products of artisans and weavers, Utkalika has been organizing Corporate Fairs,exhibitions, buyer-seller meet in different cities of the country. Today’s Odisha Bhawan Corporate Fair, New Delhi is part of this. We have taken this stand also at this juncture to provide livelihood support to the cyclone affected artisans and weavers. By selling their products we will again facilitate procuring more products from them and strengthen their production base.