Utkal Hospital conducts rare knee dislocation surgery

Bhubaneswar: A team of orthopaedic doctors and others at Utkal Hospital, specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation in a rare surgery brought cheers to the life of a person who was living a stressful life due to knee bone dislocation.
The 18-year-old male patient from Puri was short statured and had been suffering from dislocation of his knee bone for the last five years. The health ailment had severely affected his quality of life and normal movement for his daily works.
However with the intervention of Dr Dibya Singh, Orthopaedic surgeon at Utkal Hospital and his team, the patient got a new leap of life and is now leading a much better life with more flexibility of his lower limb.
“The patient came to us in a stressful condition where his knee bone was found to be dislocated. We conducted some MRI scanning and other tests and came to know that the ligament supporting his knee bone and the areas around the bone needed some reconstructing and interventions,” said Dr Singh.
He also added, “It was a rare surgery and often witnessed in sports related activities. It needed expertise and high-end technology to manage and treat the disease. With the state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of doctors we were able to conduct the rare surgery and was able to successfully treat the patient,”
According to the medical team treating the patient, implantation of graft and some surgeries in the knee area was done to handle the ligament tear and other issues which were creating hurdles for the knee bone in the patient.
The hospital said that the surgeries were done through minimal invasive techniques. The patient was able to walk with support from the next day and his knee bending abilities improved manifolds after the surgery. His other health parameters also showed remarkable improvements post surgery.