Up, close and candid with entrepreneur Lopita Dash

By N. Ankita

In a candid conversation with Odisha Diary Bhubaneswar-based anchor & entrepreneur Lopita Dash talked about her latest project ‘Jitijiba Odisha’. Lopita has predominantly worked as an anchor & reporter for an English news channel. She is now focused on entrepreneurship and is the Creative Director of a well-known promotional & digital marketing brand- ‘The Click Productions’

Q. What made you quit the job of a journalist & take PR as a profession?
Ans- I was certain about my communication skills, efficiency in designing, and branding ideas. That’s how it started and took a turn midway. Presently, I am a freelance anchor by passion.

Q2. You also work on directing music videos, one of which recently came ‘Jitijiba Odisha’. Please throw some light on it.
Ans- ‘Jitijiba Odisha’ is very close to my heart as I always focus and work on things that are for a cause. ‘Jitijiba Odisha’ is one such project which is based on the COVID warriors who are working tirelessly during these dire times to fight the invisible enemy. The video is focused on doctors, medical staff, police personnel, journalists, and everyone else working on the ground, be it a food delivery guy or someone from the sanitation or cleaning dept. There are many more videos yet to come, and I hope this could bring a change.

Q. How tough is it to manage a job & career at this age?
Ans- I believe age is just a number. I cannot say it is tough or stressful but it is more like a roller-coaster ride. I am gladly pursuing my passion. Since I have to focus on higher studies as well, so it comes hand in hand. I feel one should love what they do and vice-versa. Else, life becomes monotonous amidst struggles.

Q. Has it been tough to convince parents to quit job & be an entrepreneur?
Ans- I am lucky enough in that aspect as I am blessed with supportive parents. They have stood by me, and that’s why I have followed my heart.

Q. Apart from anchoring, what else you like to do?
Ans- I am a travel and food enthusiast. I always make sure to take a vacation at least once a year and visit a new place.

Q. What do you want to convey to the budding journalists or people who want to make their career in PR?
Ans- Patience is the key. A journalist’s life isn’t easy at all and neither is the job of a PR. Both need hard work and a lot of research. I would recommend them to develop their communication skills and network.

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